Ellenberger wants to destroy Tears for Fears look-alike MacDonald

Posted: July 17, 2013 in Latest news, UFC Events

TFFJake Ellenberger is one of the rare few fighters that are as entertaining inside the cage as he is outside. He’s also one of the rare few whose trash talk is typically backed up with his fists. His next opponent, Rory MacDonald is finding out that it’s very difficult to sneak quietly into a fight with Ellenberger.

While MacDonald prefers to keeps things on the QT, The Juggernaut doesn’t subscribe to that approach. We’ve seen references to Revenge of the Nerds and others observances regarding Rory’s appearance over the past couple weeks. And more recently, I had to laugh at Jake’s 80’s pop reference.

“This isn’t a Tears for Fears lookalike contest,” he said. He went on to call MacDonald’s decision to fight him a “stupid” one. If things go according to Ellenberger’s plans, MacDonald will be in some serious trouble. “My message was clear,” he continued. “I told him to prepare for some horizontal television time and I meant it.”

Trash talk is fun and all, but really, there’s a lot of it in the UFC. Probably too much. The thing with Ellenberger is this…he tends back it up. He’s won 8 of 9 fights in the octagon—five of them by knockout or TKO. A win here would put him way at the top of the ultra competitive welterweight division.

So if you want another prediction on this fight, look no further than this: “I’m just gonna make him look stupid when I destroy him.”

Do you believe him?


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