Prospect Aaron Trujillo set to make his Pro Debut in Denver

Posted: July 17, 2013 in Who's NEXT?

aaron3In a little over a week, up and coming fighter Aaron Trujillo will be stepping into the cage for the first time as a professional. After a promising amateur career, the flyweight is considered by most to be a blue chip prospect—one of the best in Colorado. The Mauricio Zingano protégé is looking forward to leaving an impression on the fans, and vaulting himself to national prominence.

Trujillo started in combat sports at a very early age, learning boxing and kick boxing from his father, who competed in both sports. At around the age of eight, he enrolled in Tae Kwon Do. He has since achieved his black belt in that discipline, he told Beyond the Cage Podcast.

As a high school wrestler, he got his first taste of grappling and has continued to evolve in that area as a student at Zingano’s. He describes his team there as a family more so than just a team.

Next Friday Trujillo will step into the SCL (Sparta Combat League) cage against Sid Bice, another flyweight making his pro debut. It was interesting to hear Trujillo discuss some of the differences between training for an amateur fight as opposed to a pro fight. Not only in the cage (5 minute rounds) but also some of the extra outside-the-cage luxuries, like having his own signature shirt for the first time.

You’ll also hear a little about Trujillo’s first fight, which he discovered being too light is almost as bad as being too heavy right before weigh ins. Try chugging a gallon of water to reach the minimum weight! Listen to the full interview below.




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