Bisping’s blouse, Bieber’s wallet & other random crap from the MMA world

Posted: July 18, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion

Why hello madam. I love your blouse.

Sometimes I like to shout things out randomly like a tourette’s patient. Many times they make no sense; therefore I don’t write a full article on each of those topics. Instead, I think I’ll compile them here in this hodgepodge of random observances from the past couple days.

  • While Michael Bisping refuted rumors that he was KO’d in a sparring session recently, the video he released was far more disturbing. Did you see that shirt he was wearing? OH MY GOD! I can’t be certain, but I’m pretty sure he got it from Forever 21’s tween collection.
  • Who’s watching Bellator’s Fight Master? The show looks pretty intriguing, but the thing that strikes me is that Joe Riggs looks like a badass version of Ricky Schroeder.
  • joe-riggs-5Did you see that multi-millionaire Justin Bieber was on Twitter asking for a free link to UFC 162? Dude, you’re worth over $110 MILLION! I think you can afford the 44 bucks to watch the goddamn fight. Have Lil Twist reach into your front pocket and dust off that Black Card you cheap ass!
  • Hearing the latest string of conspiracy theorists discuss the Silva/Weidman fight makes me crazy. Lemme get this straight…Bendo signaled Pettis to go for the Showtime kick TO THE FACE; Rockhold nodded his approval to Belfort for that VICIOUS KICK TO THE HEAD; and now Silva took a dive to Weidman by getting KNOCKED UNCONSCIOUS? I’m no genius, but if I’m taking a dive in a fight, guess what? I’m tapping to an arm bar; not getting my face caved in on purpose.
  • So apparently the decade-old feud between Ken and Frank Shamrock has ended. That sucks because I was excited for 20 more years of bickering before the two old bastards finally made it inside a cage to settle their differences. In my dreams, they’d both be wearing vale tudo diapers and complaining that the young whippersnapper at the counter charged them 75¢ for coffee. Oh well, I guess I’ll just wait for the Nogueira’s to turn on each other.

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