Ever wonder what a grizzly bear eats for Dinner?

Posted: July 18, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion

brockbeardEver hear of Brock Lesnar? He beat legend Randy Couture to win that title. He also defeated The Rock to win the WWE championship. Could competitive eaters Kobayashi or Joey Chestnut be next on Brock’s hitlist?

TMZ is reporting that Lesnar and his wife—formerly known as Sable in her WWE days—crushed a few pounds of food at an Italian restaurant in New Jersey on Monday. No one was harmed. They even documented everything he scarfed down.

The lovely couple shared some ahi tuna with asparagus and a margherita pizza before Brock got down to some serious eating. According to the restaurant, he had chicken parm—get this—with TRIPLE chicken and then a bowl of parpadelle Bolognese. To polish things off, he enjoyed cheesecake for dessert.

While it’s nice to see Lesnar eating some asparagus—we wouldn’t want to see a relapse of diverticulitis—it’s somewhat disheartening that we’ve begun reporting on what a former UFC fighter is eating for dinner. Oh well.


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