Cormier and Nelson sign a “Contract” to Fight at UFC 166

Posted: July 19, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, Latest news, Rumors
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DCcontractDaniel Cormier is a multi-dimensional guy…and a quick learner. The 2 time Olympian has rapidly climbed the heavyweight rankings by displaying an unusually short learning curve for this sport. It seems he’s now taken that same approach to become an attorney overnight.

We know that Cormier has been interested in fighting Roy Nelson later this year. There’s a minor thing getting in the way though–there’s no contract. That’s not an issue for DC. No contract; no problem. He just drew one up himself! Yep. Cormier bypassed law school completely. He also passed on the opportunity to sit at the local college bar pretending to “study” for the bar exam–when really we know those assholes are trying to pick up chicks.

But I digress. Back to the contract. He wrote it on notebook paper and tweeted it out to Big Country and Dana White. And get this…Nelson signed it! I guess Joe Silva can go screw himself cuz he’s not really necessary anymore.

So who wins this fight? Cormier would no doubt be the favorite, coming off wins over contenders Antonio Silva, Josh Barnett and Frank Mir consecutively (I know, I skipped one, but c’mon). Meanwhile Nelson was just defeated by Stipe Miocic. Still, it’s an interesting fight. Nelson has proven he can knock out just about anybody, and although he’s oftne the butt of jokes, he’s absolutely a top 10 fighter.


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