Embarrassing Fight in Italy has Head-Butts, Broken Cage, Outside Interference and way more nonsense

Posted: July 19, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion

italy 400Okay, this is insane. I’m going to describe a fight to you from an Italian promotion called SLAM FC. This promotion must be the equivalent to to the fights you see on Tosh.O because there are so many horrible moments in the fight that I’m actually reluctant to show it.  Nonetheless, here’s a play by play.

Two fighters clinch and one is backed into the cage door, which OPENS and allows the fighters to spill out onto the floor. This is starting poorly isn’t it? While outside the cage, one of the fighters (let’s call him Mario) fires a knee to the head of the other (let’s call him Luigi)! You heard me correctly–a knee to the head while both fighters are outside the cage.

Once order is restored the ref disqualified Mario and the fight was over  the bout was obviously allowed to continue. We see a few seconds of terrible striking, and the bush league antics started up again. Luigi missed on a headkick, which resulted in him spiraling to the canvas. Mario (remember, hes’ the guy who threw a knee outside the cage) jumped on top of him and started pounding. When Mario paused momentarily (and I mean MOMENTARILY–like 2 seconds), the inept ref decided to stand them up.

It was clear the ref had called a stop to the action–although it was a ridiculous standup–but Mario ignored the command! Instead he dropped a headbutt to Luigi! The ref then got right into the action and physically restrained Mario, who KEPT PUNCHING Luigi!

He finally stopped Mario from attacking and disqualified Mario and allowed the fight to continue. While he was warning Mario (ooh, a warning!), Luigi decided to even the score by unleashing a cheap shot of his own, using the ref as a shield! Listen, I kinda don’t blame the guy. Here’s where it got nuts.

Despite Mario rewriting the rule book in this fight already, someone (I’ll tell you who in a minute) didn’t like that Luigi retaliated, so he ran into the cage! This guy in street clothes tackled Luigi, gained full mount and nailed him with a huge punch to the face! Ok, do you want to know who that guy was in street clothes? The promoter/owner of SLAM FC! I’m not even shitting you.

After the owner of the goddamn promotion got done beating up a fighter (Luigi) and finally left the cage, Luigi’s corner threw in a towel. Of course the ref didn’t honor that gesture and disqualified Mario totally honored the gesture and GAVE THE WIN TO MARIO!!!!!

Inexplicably, this douchebag Mario celebrated like he just won the UFC title, the Super Bowl and the World Series in one day. The last two minutes of the video show Mario trying to shake hands/high five/hug Luigi as though the two were just in an epic war.

I don’t even know what else to say about this embarrassment. Go watch the video for yourself and let us know what you think.  Fast forward to about the 15:00 mark, unless you want to see a ring card girl wearing long pants and a blouse your grandmother might wear.


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