Demian Maia calls Seagal’s involvement with Silva “a Lie” and “a Joke”

Posted: July 22, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, Cool Stuff We Like, Latest news
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seagal1Demian Maia has a history with Anderson Silva. If you remember—and I know you remember; I just like bringing it up—Maia fought Silva in 2010 and the results were, um…ugly. Well yesterday Maia did an interview in Brazil that refuted the claims that Silva has learned anything from action “star” Steven Seagal…ever.

Regarding “Sensei Super Size It” and his so called involvement with both Silva and Lyoto Machida, Maia says it’s hogwash (pretty sure that’s the Portuguese word for bullshit). “That is lie, is marketing. Like any actor in Hollywood, when he (Seagal) saw Anderson growing, he stuck to Anderson. He was half down, his career down and made ​​his career rise again. It worked because he started appearing again. He never taught anything to Anderson. For anyone who is in the know, this is a joke.”

This is hilarious to me. There’s only one thing funnier than Seagal speaking as some kind of authority to the MMA world; and that’s him doing so as the unwitting butt of a joke. It’s like the old middle school prank where the cool kids bring a dork into their circle and make him think he’s part of the clan, only to drop the bomb later that it was just a hoax. (Private Message to Bobby, Darrin, Pete and Ogre: That was very hurtful, you assholes! I thought we were really friends!!)

I wonder if the cool kids—Machida and Silva—also told Seagal “go ahead; all the COOL kids are drinking Lyoto’s piss.”


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