Ever feel like punching your Boss? Dave Huckaba gets to do it at WSOF 4 vs Sefo

Posted: July 23, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, Cool Stuff We Like
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RaySefoIf you’ve ever wanted to punch your boss in the face and get paid for it, then you will probably be jealous of the opportunity being given to Dave Huckaba to do just that. Huckaba is slated to face off against his boss, the president of the World Series of Fighting, Ray Sefo, at the organization’s 4th event in Ontario, CA (that’s California–not Canada) August 10th.  While it is certain to make things a little weird in the office, it has to beat seeing a conflict manager in human resources.

The WSOF addressed the awkwardness of Sefo functioning as the president while training for a bout of good, clean workplace violence, in a statement last week that the 42 year old would be temporarily stepping down as president.  Going from pushing pencils to hitting the heavy bags is a task that requires his complete attention according to Sefo:

“I’m looking forward to another chance to step into the cage, but before I do, I felt taking a temporary leave from my executive duties was the right thing to do. I’m fortunate to have an outstanding team at World Series of Fighting which I know will handle our operations while I’m gone. Even though I took on an executive role at World Series of Fighting, I never actually retired from active competition. About three years ago, I set a personal goal of reaching the century mark, 100 fights, and then calling it quits. Now I’m excited to say I have a chance to do that. But I knew I couldn’t be the president of World Series of Fighting and fight for the company at the same time.”

If Huckaba is victorious in the heavyweight showdown, he may be able to profit from the concept in a new reality show-maybe he could call it Supervisor Submissions or something along those lines.  Imagine all the increased productivity due to a tension-free work environment; though the health insurance premiums would probably go up.  I bet there are a few guys in the UFC that wouldn’t mind going three rounds with Dana White.


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