“SHOCKING” NEWS!!!!!!!!!!! Nick Diaz No-Showed an Interview!!!!!!

Posted: July 23, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, Latest news
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Nick DiazMichael Schiavello is known for—among other things—hosting a popular interview show called The Voice Versus on AXSTV. Notable guests on the show have been Dana White, Hulk Hogan, Wanderlei Silva and even the greatest human ever, Steven Seagal. Next on the list of guests was Nick Diaz.

Just one problem. Diaz never showed up. This is the part of the article I would normally reserve for some witty thoughts and opinions on why Diaz didn’t show up for a scheduled interview and what possible excuses he might have. I’ll skip all that because it seems like I’ve written this article many times before. So I’ll just repeat…Diaz didn’t show up.

In other painfully obvious news that really isn’t news, an old man was complaining that he didn’t get a senior discount on his 59¢ coffee at McDonalds; GSP went to a 5-round decision; Roy Nelson can eat 2 Baconators; and most shockingly, Alistair Overeem isn’t fond of drug tests. Sometimes, if you think about it, you can look at the news of the day and say, “we shoulda known.”

  1. Matty says:

    This info is the cat’s pajmaas!

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