Call the Wambulance … Miesha Tate still bitching about Winslow stoppage vs. Zingano

Posted: July 25, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion

Miesha TateGod dammit. Miesha Tate is starting to wine like… well, Bryan Caraway. Tate is bitching about Kim Winslow again. Let’s review. Tate got her ass kicked by Cat Zingano in the 3rd round of their fight—which took place OVER THREE MONTHS AGO! If you remember, that’s the night the much maligned Winslow saved Miesha’s life by stopping the fight before Cat elbowed and kneed her way entirely through Tate’s face.

Tate is still complaining about how she was still fighting and still in the fight. If you slow down the footage, you can see her attempt to go for a leg as Winslow stepped in. If that was a takedown attempt, then Brendan Schaub reaching for the stars against Rothwell could have actually been considered a superman punch.

I’ll say what I always do about a so-called “early” stoppage…if the ref didn’t step in, the beating would have continued. What would Miesha’s face have looked like after a few more knees to the grill? Probably a lot like went bobbing for apples and pulled out a live grenade.

I’ll cut this article short—frankly because I’ll probably have to write another one in a couple weeks anyway—but let me say this. MIESHA! PLEASE! Shut your pie hole! Every time you cry about the outcome of this fight, you make me want to vomit. By the way, you’re about to become 1-3 in the UFC. Just sayin’.

Lastly, although you can probably guess, here’s exactly what Tate told XM Radio this time (hopefully the last)….

“I was so pissed when she stopped the fight. The first thing I did was look up at her and say, ‘Why did you stop the fight?’ And [Winslow] goes, ‘Because your face is a mess.’ I’m like, seriously? That’s why you stopped the fight? Your face is a mess and they still let you work. That’s what I felt like saying to her. I was like, are you serious right now? Did you not realize that we were coming in here to fight each other? You don’t base it off how much someone’s bleeding, you base it off whether or not they’re cognitive and they’re still trying.”

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