Rampage Jackson must be entering the ‘Freakshow’ stage of his career

Posted: July 26, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, Rumors

rampage-jackson-chainI don’t know what to make of this. The Bellator/SpikeTV/Viacom group is supposedly setting up a year-end boxing match between newly acquired Rampage Jackson and again boxing champ Roy Jones Jr. Rampage has no pro boxing on his résumé and Jones has held multiple titles and a 56-8 career record.

So it looks like rather than competing in tournaments and headline major events for Bellator, the plan for Rampage must be hitting the freak show circuit. Not only is it hard for me to imagine Rampage being competitive against the 44 year old Jones, I don’t even know what it brings to the table from Bellator’s perspective.

I’m thinking after getting KTFO by Jones, Rampage could do a succession of non-MMA related stunts on Spike. How do these sound?

  • Walk across the Bellator cage on a tight-rope DURING a Michael Chandler title fight
  • Wrestle a live (heavily sedated) bear
  • Try to outrun a three-legged camel in a foot race
  • Do a reality special giving Bob Sapp dating advice
  • Fight Jose Canseco
  • Host a new SpikeTV series called “1000 ways to lose your dignity”
  • Attempt to jump 13 garbage cans on his bicycle

Remember when Rampage used to be a pretty good fighter?


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