GSP tries to polish a turd — “Great Fight for Rory” at UFC on FOX

Posted: July 30, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion

gsp_Georges St-Pierre is the welterweight champion because he’s an incredible fighter who seems to have no weaknesses. Georges St-Pierre is NOT the champion because he knows how to accurately describe an MMA fight. Give this man a turd and he’ll polish the hell out of it though.

Here’s a breakdown of fans reaction to the Jake Ellenberger/Rory MacDonald fight over the weekend…

AWESOME… .000001% (GSP)

You’re reading this correctly. 6% of everyone who watched this fight actually burned down their own house. And even more unbelievable is that St-Pierre thought this was a good—actually “a great”—fight. Sure he was probably just defending his so-called “friend,” but please Georges, how do you expect us to believe that?

“I believe it was a great fight. I texted Rory and said it was a great fight. He stuffed a very, very dangerous opponent in Jake Ellenberger. A lot of people give him criticism, but the truth is – and it’s not only because Rory is my friend and training partner – the truth is we all knew by watching the fight Rory was winning that fight.”

“I think Rory did a great fight. You don’t brawl with a brawler, and I think he did a very good fight, very smart. He shut down Jake Ellenberger. Not only did he shut down a very, very dangerous opponent, he made it look relatively easy.”

It must not have been that great to anyone else, because MacDonald managed to defeat Ellenberger and somehow LOSE standing in the division. Dana White was furious at both fighters. This is one of those cases where the winner of the fight looked almost as bad as the loser. And this is also one of those times when the world champion looks like he’s talking out his ass.

  1. @deuces_sk says:

    My friends,

    Been a while since I posted on my favorite MMA site. Being from Canada let me help translate the French Canadian accent for you. GSP is in no way shape or form saying this was a great fight. What he is saying is that Rory fought a great fight in respect to neutralizing a very dangerous opponent and making him look pathetic.

    Look I wanted this to be a skilled war on the feet with dangerous strikes and an awesome finish more than anybody. I actually wanted Ellenberger to get decapitated at some point as well, but we don’t always get what we want.

    The one great thing that did come out of this fight was that after all the smack talk and idle threats issued by Ellenberger he got in that ring and was so scared of a tall skinny Canadian kid that he essentially did nothing but block Rory’s jab with his face for 3 rounds.

    Rory won that fight before he ever stepped into the octagon and while he didn’t end it in spectacular fashion that would see the blood thirsty MMA fans who don’t understand the mental side of the game *cough* Dana White *cough* happy I for one loved Ellenberger looking like the douche nozzle that he is and hope he falls off the ranks all together.

    Well now that I got that off my chest… How’s life folks?

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