GSP has “secret” Superfight plans that will blow your mind!

Posted: August 1, 2013 in Rumors

gsp_487_381Georges St-Pierre loves to play the crowd and build anticipation. Well, ok that not even close to describing GSP is it? BUT…in this case, that’s what he’s doing. Superfight? Maybe the one with Anderson Silva is off the table for now, but he has other ideas that will “blow up.” Could it be dropping to lightweight? Here’s what “Rush” had to say to MMA Fighting.

“There are things I wanna do in my career and I can’t tell you right now – Rory as well – and we have plans. You’ll see in time. It’s better if I keep it secret then when it comes, it’s gonna blow up. We’ll see. I’m very interested. ‘Super fight’ doesn’t mean I have to go … it’s 15 pounds between categories. It’s a lot of options. We’ll see.”

Even though Silva’s loss to Weidman threw a monkey wrench into the Superfight scenario, it seems St-Pierre has another trick up his sleeve. And since it involves Rory, maybe he’s planning to drop to 155, steal the belt from Ben Henderson, hand over the UFC welterweight belt to MacDonald and create an unbeatable stable of fighters who will capture every belt in the company.

But then again, maybe the whole Tito/Rampage angle has me pulling old pro wrestling storylines out of my subconscious.


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