Tito/Rampage Thoughts: Bellator’s ‘Pro Wrestling Style’ Announcement might have some legs

Posted: August 1, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, Latest news
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titorampageBellator pulled a move straight from pro wrestling last night. And I have to say, it was done surprisingly well. During the broadcast of last night’s event, Bellator’s biggest name, Rampage Jackson, was shown sitting cageside with Roy Jones Jr. When it came time for the so-called “big” announcement—which everyone assumed would be Rampage vs. Jones—they pulled a swerve.

Rampage said he’d be fighting an MMA bout with “this man coming out right now.” Cameras then went to the stage where Tito Ortiz’s entrance music played and Tito appeared with smoke, lights, pyro, his flags and a shaved head.

Any reservations I might have had for this fight—two aging former superstars well beyond their primes—were overshadowed by my genuine surprise. To be completely fair, I’ll just mention that Ortiz is sporting a dubious streak of nine fights with only one victory; and Rampage has dropped three in a row. Make no mistake; this is not Jon Jones vs Anderson Silva we’re talking about here.

But the surprise element—perhaps directly influenced by Bellator’s relationship with SpikeTV and TNA Wrestling—was executed perfectly. It makes me question whether this type of shock element is needed in the UFC to build additional drama.

Typically a fight announcement comes in a press conference or media scrum—not televised and in front of only about 100 to 200 people. Then everyone “breaks” the news on Twitter and the internet goes wild. Is that enough? Remember how cool it was when Jones was given the title shot on live TV during a PPV? Pretty cool, huh? Maybe Bellator is onto something here.

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