Why White’s Lawler/MacDonald idea is Punishment for Rory’s last fight

Posted: August 1, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion

Robbie-Lawler-005-SFDana White found a way to “punish” Rory MacDonald for his lackluster performance last weekend. He wants to throw him in there with Robbie Lawler, who’s starting to make a little noise since his return to the UFC and drop to 170 pounds. Why did I use the term “punishment” to describe Lawler? Here are a few reasons I think Dana wants to make this happen.

Perceived lesser competition. Many fans were discussing a possible title shot for Ares if he beat Ellenberger. Not only will the words “title” and “MacDonald” not appear together anytime soon; but White plans on hooking him up with a guy most fans don’t recognize as a top contender at all. It’s somewhat of a slap in the face in that regard.

Forced to engage. If your strict gameplan can be summed up in two words—be smart—that usually is synonymous with NOT overly aggressive. What better way to teach him a lesson than to book him opposite a guy who doesn’t know any other way to fight besides aggressive and in your face.

Pain. This might be the most obvious reason for this fight. When Lawler hits you, it hurts like a motherfucker. If the guys upstairs aren’t happy with your performance, they obviously can’t put you over their knee and spank you like a small child in the 1970s. But Robbie Lawler can do it.

He won’t be the crowd favorite. MacDonald will also find himself in a precarious position when (if) he fights Lawler. He’ll play the role of heel (meaning Lawler will have most of the fan backing). Lawler’s popularity is rising due to his “ruthless” style, and MacDonald’s might be at an all-time low. If I’m Rory in this fight, I’m going to have to prepare to be booed.

So no matter how much of a favorite MacDonald will be at the betting table, when White announced his idea of booking this fight, I knew immediately it was a form of punishment. Will it work? Well, Lawler is bound to get in a few good hard shots to rattle MacDonald. He’s also likely to force the action and pressure Rory. More than anything else, I think that’s what Dana wants to see. Then he can come back to MacDonald and say, “man that was great!” White’s high school psychology class taught him that.

  1. […] the UFC did a great job with this booking, because if anyone is gonna bring it in a fight; it is Ruthless Robbie Lawler. Since his time back in the UFC he has finished two opponents and we all know Uncle Dana loves […]

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