Fuck You Brian Stann, Love Brandon Vera

Posted: August 5, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, Latest news
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veranoseHis last fight against Wanderlei Silva gave the fans a little piece of nostalgia for the old days to cuddle with, but it seems Brian Stann’s color commentary at UFC 163 may have missed the mark.  At least it did with Brandon Vera, a friend and training partner of Phil Davis, who posted the following on his Facebook page:

 @philmrwonderful super awesome job boss…!!!!! U are the man!!! Fuck you @brianstann learn how to be an unbiased commentator bitch. Don’t #‎hate cuz he beat Ur ass too!!!

Brandon should have kept his lip zipped – his ignorance is showing.  While it is true that Stann lost a decision to Davis at UFC 109, at least he doesn’t have a loss to Keith Jardine on his record like Vera does.   A true friend tells the truth too; Davis’ performance was far from a “super awesome job.”

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