Rebney reveals more details on Bellator PPV, including a “special” fight

Posted: August 6, 2013 in Latest news

rampageBellator’s first attempt at a PPV is in the works and quite frankly, I’m not sure how it will succeed. I wrote recently that I was impressed with the way they sprung the main event on us. It was indeed a surprise and involved two big name fighters. Rampage Jackson and Tito Ortiz were worthy of the live “pro wrestling style” announcement.

But more details are now coming from Bellator about the matchup which will take place on November 2 in California. Bjorn Rebney mentioned that there will be potentially multiple championship fights on the event, including Michael Chandler. He also hinted that there could also be a “special” fight on the card. I’m not sure what that means, but if he considers Rampage/Ortiz to be a “special” fight, then it opens the door for more veteran “name” signings.

The most disturbing thing Rebney discussed was the price of the PPV. While I fully expected a $19.99-24.99 price point, Rebney dropped the bomb that it would be more like $35-45. Man, that’s too high.

For Bellator’s first shot at this, it seems they’re asking for trouble. I just don’t think Rampage and Ortiz can carry this event to a strong buy rate, even with Bellator’s top current “stars” helping carry the load. While I’ve been interested (curious might be a better word) in this matchup for the past week or so, I doubt I’ll pay that price.

Best case scenario for the show is a Tito/Rampage spectacle, at least 2 championship fights (perhaps Chandler and Askren), and another interesting fight involving accomplished stars, meaning Bellator needs to start signing them now. Anything short of a Fedor return might be a disappointment. Rebney has plenty of time to make this event compelling to me and the fans, but I’m skeptical. One prediction I’l make for this event–Eddie Alvarez returns.


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