Vitor Belfort calls out Dan Henderson

Posted: August 6, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, Rumors

belfort-hendersonVitor Belfort just metaphorically told Tim Kennedy to go play in someone else’s neighborhood when he refused a fight with Kennedy. But there’s another guy out there who has a few more miles on him—and a lot sturdier résumé—that is of interest to Belfort. Rumor has it that Belfort is pursuing a fight with Dan Henderson, which would serve as a sequel to their 2006 fight.

Vitor has stated emphatically that he feels he’s the number one contender at middleweight, and the only way he’ll fight a non-title bout is in a different weight class. Hendo seems to tick all of Belfort’s boxes. The fight would take place at light heavyweight; Hendo is a huge name; and he’s available to fight in the timeframe Belfort is looking for—possible UFC 167.

Henderson is coming off two straight losses—to Lyoto Machida and Rashad Evans. That worries me. At almost 43 years old, there’s a good chance his days as a top star are numbered. Not long ago, we were discussing Henderson’s chances of defeating Jon Jones at UFC 151. Can you believe that was less than a year ago?

And for Belfort, he’s on a serious career resurgence and wants another shot at the belt. Since his loss to Henderson in 2006 at Pride 32, guess who’s defeated Belfort. Only Anderson Silva and Jon Jones. Most recently, he’s crushed contenders Michael Bisping and Luke Rockhold and now is ready for a major fight outside his division.

There are plenty of call-outs in the UFC. Most of them make no sense at all. Actually, this one seems to feel right. Belfort vs. Henderson fits on any main card, and if the UFC 167 date works out, it would be a perfect addition to the GSP/Hendricks lineup.


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