Rampage Jackson says UFC “just doing a lot of bad things;” ruining the sport

Posted: August 7, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion

tito_photobombs_rampageAnother former UFC fighter has come out of the shadows to let the world know that Dana White and the UFC is ruining MMA.  Poor Dana, last week he was blasted by Jason “Mayhem” Miller, now he is being criticized by Rampage Jackson.

“Dana, he started off cool, but when you get on Dana’s bad side then you might as well be an alien. But when I met Bjorn, man, he talked to me, he explained things and we sat down and you just feel his energy. And you can tell he don’t talk bad about anybody else. You always got to be worried about other people that talk bad about you because as soon as you walk away there’s a good chance people talk bad about you. I’m sure if someone crosses him he’s going to say something, me and him are a lot alike. I feel like he keeps it real. What he just said about pay-per-views, I totally agree with that. He’s not going to cram it down fans throats; every month do a pay-per-view. I think that’s what UFC is doing. I think the UFC now is messing up the sport. They just doing a lot of bad things and I just feel like Bellator, the way they doing things is kind of the future of the sport.”

This is an interesting observation, considering the wrasslin’ theatrics leading up to and following the announcement has been criticized by many MMA fans.  Who doesn’t want to see  Tito “Already Have an Excuse Ready if I Lose” Ortiz in a super fight against Rampage “My Movie Career Didn’t Take Off and I Couldn’t Phone It In with the UFC Anymore” Jackson in a PPV event for the ages?


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