UFC 163 Biggest Winners — The ‘Simon Cowell needs to be neutered’ Edition

Posted: August 7, 2013 in Biggest Winners/Biggest Losers
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stanngoldyI must admit that UFC 163 left a bad taste in my mouth, but then I realized it was probably the Tums I was chewing on for heartburn that was to blame for that. Sure there was that one lackluster performance, and a large selection of losers but 163 had its share of winners also. Just like my esophagus and the beaches of Rio, these guys and one gal were on fire:

Brian Stann: Despite Brandon Vera’s harsh critique of Stann’s performance as color commentator at UFC 163, the consensus among those who matter (myself included) is that he did a great job. Stann obviously has the technical knowledge needed for the job. Also, it was refreshing to get a break from Rogan who I assume was off hunting Bigfoot (not to be confused with Bigfoot Silva) on his show Joe Rogan Questions Everything. Sometimes Joe reminds me of the guy sitting at the end of the bar shouting loudly at the TV while nursing his sixth Bud Light of the lunch hour. Stann is certainly light years above Kenny Florian aka Captain Obvious who apparently cannot breathe unless he’s flapping his gums.

Anthony Perosh: Fifty Grand and The Knockout of the Night Award make this underdog a big winner. His previous fight against Ryan Jimmo ended with Perosh getting KTFO in 7 seconds. In his return to the octagon, it was another quick one for Perosh, this time he was on the giving end. It took longer to dip a hot wing in ranch than it did for the Aussie to send Vinny  Magalhães (EDITOR’S NOTE–how did she get that thingy over the ‘a’? Sweet!) on a trip to see the sandman, 14 seconds. Vinny didn’t take Perosh seriously leading up to the fight, even stating that he deserved to be cut from the UFC if he lost to Perosh. I agree Vinny, let’s hope Uncle Dana feels the same now that you’ve dropped your second straight.

Ian McCall: After going 0-2-1 in the UFC, McCall needed a win more than Simon Cowell needs neutered for banging his BFF’s wife. Ian has also felt the sting of a best friend’s betrayal and his personal life, which he loves to share, has had enough drama to keep Maury going strong for a full season. McCall didn’t let this or his opponent’s superior mustache at weigh-ins to break his focus. McCall took home the Fight of the Night award for his performance, impressive considering he recently posted a photo of a broken hand. Here’s to successful fourth chances!

Amanda Nunes: The ladies again proved that they can fight just as aggressive as their male counterparts. After her opponent, Sheila Gaff flew out of the gate, Nunes scored a takedown. Unlike Phil Davis, she followed it up with vicious ground and pound until Herb Dean saved the day at 2:08 in the first round.

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