Mayor vs. Mayor MMA Fight in Florida canceled due to Bribery Arrest

Posted: August 9, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion

floridaDid you hear about the upcoming MMA fight between two South Florida mayors? It’s true. Mayors Carlos Hernandez (from Hialeah) and Michael Pizzi (from Miami Lakes) were set to square off in a fight to raise money for their respective charities. That fight is not gonna happen now and the reason isn’t because of injury.

Apparently Mayor Pizzi was arrested for bribery, which probably takes precedence over the fight. Although I suppose they could fight behind bars instead o f a cage, but hey, that’s just my idea.

Anyway, back to the ridiculous fight between the two mayors. Hernandez (50 years old) claims that he’s has trained under the Gracies (of course he has). He doesn’t say which Gracie but my money is on the illegitimate step brother, Ray (probably pronounced ‘Hay’).

As for Pizzi (52), he doesn’t have any formal training, but he thinks he’s a street brawler like Tank Abbott. Someone should tell him Abbott’s career record wasn’t all that impressive. Those skills could come in handy in prison though.

If anyone thought this fight was a good idea, I don’t know who it would be. Either way the universe decided to mercifully put a stop to it. Maybe that’s how Obama and Romney should have determined who the next Potus would be.


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