It’s not a Weekend unless Mayhem Miller gets thrown in Jail

Posted: August 12, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, Latest news

mayhemIt’s not a real weekend unless Lindsay Lohan  Amanda Bynes Jason “Mayhem” Miller gets crazy—and arrested. We can’t say it’s a surprise. His behavior has been very erratic lately to say the least. Now Mayhem is in trouble with the law once again. This time the charge is for domestic abuse. Although no specific details are available. Late last night, Miller’s family was able to post bond and he was released.

It’s been a pretty quick decline for Mayhem, who was recently a coach on The Ultimate Fighter 14. Since the show, he was involved in two horrendous bouts in the UFC—both losses—with Michael Bisping and CB Dollaway. With those two pitiful performances, he was cut. Dana White even claimed that Miller had the worst striking game he’d ever seen. That was a result of the beating he took from Bisping in December 2011.

Also in late 2011, Miller was arrested for assaulting his sister. About a year later, he was caught breaking into a church and vandalizing it. Police discovered Mayhem naked in the church, surrounded by the carnage he caused. Those charges were later dropped.

Shortly after that, he appeared with Ariel Helwani on the MMA Hour to discuss his role in the movie “Here Comes the Boom.” The segment should have been titled, “Here Comes the Crazy” because he embarrassed himself again.

I’m sure we’ll get more details on his latest arrest throughout the day, but let’s face it; Mayhem is crossing over into dangerous territory. If he keeps this behavior up, he won’t be remembered as a fighter at all. Instead he’ll be the crazy guy on TMZ all the time who no one really know why he’s famous in the first place.

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