This is what a 16 year old “Shogun” did at House Parties (hint…he wasn’t creating hot models with his computer and a Barbie doll)

Posted: August 16, 2013 in Cool Stuff We Like

ruaRemember when you were 16 and got invited to a party at a friend’s house? It usually meant the kid’s parents were gone for the weekend, so all kinds of crazy shit could go on. That meant doing shots of Peach Schnapps–and pretending to like it. It also meant you got to try to “get on” that chick you’ve been too afraid to talk to in school–meaning you stared at her from across the room in hopes that she’d make eye contact. Because god knows, if she gets a glimpse of your brooding, intense stare, she’ll instantly become moist.

Well, if that scenario sounds familiar, you DON’T share the experience with Mauricio “Shogun” Rua. See when he was a teen, he too went to house parties. The difference was instead of awkward sexual tension, acne and vomit; he was beating the hell out his friend in some good ol’ fashioned impromptu muay thai.

Check out this amazing video of a 16 year old Shogun fighting another dude ion someone’s house! I guess that’s what you do in Brazil. After all, there was no use trying to hit on chicks your own age, because in Brazil, they’re all WAY out of any teen’s league anyway.


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