UFC on FS1 Biggest Winners: The ‘Mike Pyle is better than GSP’ Edition

Posted: August 19, 2013 in Biggest Winners/Biggest Losers, Commentary/Opinion
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pylegspIt looks like UFC on Fox Sports 1 was a hit with viewers and critics. That means there should be a good amount of “Biggest Winners” candidates. Let me do my best to narrow it down to just a few.

Me. With dueling travel schedules earlier in the week, Nicole and I were unable to post our official picks and predictions for this event. Why does that make me the big winner? Well, because Nicole took Browne and Sonnen in her UNofficial picks, while I would have lost both of those fights. So unlike a real athlete who wouldn’t dream of taking a day off just to protect a batting title, I’ll gladly bask in the sunlight of my own aura.

Travis Browne. In today’s heavyweight division, it only takes one really good win to make your mark. Browne did exactly that on FS1. By knocking out Overeem—making him look like an idiot again—Browne moves up into the category of “one more win could mean a title shot.” I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see “Hapa” face either Fabricio Werdum or the Mir/Barnett winner in a title eliminator next time out. Stunning win.

Matt Brown. Brown is probably the least-tested welterweight ever to be on a roll like this. I don’t mean to be critical, but can someone PLEASE book “Immortal” in a fight with a top 10 or 15 guy? A fighter’s prime might only last a handful of fights, and Brown is in danger of losing his mojo before he ever gets to sniff a contender. In perhaps the deepest of all divisions, it would be inexcusable for the UFC to waste Brown’s next fight with another aging veteran or green newcomer.

Mike Pyle. After doing very little for 29 seconds and losing badly, Pyle must have been pleasantly surprised to find out that he is in fact better than champion Georges St-Pierre. Interesting because when Pyle had a small role in Men in Black III, I thought he was a WAAAAY better actor than Sir Lawrence Olivier.

Chael Sonnen. As the self-proclaimed biggest draw in the sport, Sonnen does need to win a few fights here and there to maintain his cred. And like it or not, this was a pretty big win. Although Shogun is showing serious signs of decay, historically speaking, this win looks good on Sonnen’s résumé. If he gets the fight he wants—Wanderlei Silva—he’ll be able to reach into the Superstar Billy Graham archive yet again to REALLY mock his opponent in merciless fashion.

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