UFC on FS1 — Lessons in jumping on the Hype Train

Posted: August 19, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, UFC Events
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hype-trainThe hype train is an amazing thing. A bunch of maniacal fans get on the internet and tout their favorite fighter so hard that eventually—if there are enough of them—it seemingly shifts from opinion to fact. The hype train was in full effect Saturday night. Alistair Overeem and Uriah Hall were absolute locks to not only defeat their opponents, but every other human on earth.


Something funny happened at UFC on FS1. Both fighters went from guys who were about to change the landscape of the UFC; to a couple guys who might literally be changing the landscape in front of the UFC’s office. Like their actual landscaping.

Overeem was said to be the guy to dominate the heavyweight division with his high level striking and incredible power. Now after 3 fights with the company, he’s laid an egg three straight times. Sure, he has one win. But he also negated that win by failing his drug test. Then he got his ass knocked out twice by guys with far less striking credentials. Overeem couldn’t look like more of an ass.

As for Hall, during The Ultimate Fighter, people were actually thinking he belonged in the top 10 while the show was still going on. And why shouldn’t he? After all, he knocked out some dude named Adam; and had a guy named Bubba shitting his pants. He’s obviously better than Anderson Silva. Well, consecutive losses to mid level fighters who will likely never be top 10 ended that, didn’t it?

Overeem looks like a star. He’s huge. He has swagger. He has belts piled up in his closet like Kim Kardashian has shoes. He also has (had) thousands of hardcore fans who love to think somebody outside the UFC is way better than everyone INSIDE the UFC. Check out the message boards and you’ll see it coming from every angle. Truth is; Overeem has great credentials. But none of those credentials came in the UFC. Now he’s just a footnote on the Wikipedia pages of Travis Browne and Bigfoot Silva.

Uriah Hall’s hype was even more unwarranted. The guy’s physical tools seem to be impressive. But why the fuck is he smiling? Why is he acting like Doomsday Howard is his high school sweetheart? Why the hell is he holding hands, skipping along the seashore with Kelvin Gastelum? Even Dana White was saying what everyone else was thinking—that’s he’s a mental case.

Here’s a quick bit of advice for fans. When you read the message boards and some expert who calls himself “MooseKnuckle5” tells you there’s a guy in Russia who’s so good, Dana White will NEVER sign him because he’ll destroy everyone…just laugh and keep moving. If that story ever takes shape, don’t worry, you’ll hear about it. Avoid the urge to be on the front end of this incredible realization and just keep your mouth shut MooseKnuckle5 might be wrong…AGAIN.


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