Anderson Silva says “no” to Belfort rematch

Posted: August 20, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, Latest news
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silvabelfortThe air probably just went out of Vitor Belfort’s proverbial balloon. “The Phenom” has expressed no interest in fighting at middleweight unless he gets what he thinks is a rightful chance at the belt. Well, the longtime champ Anderson Silva just said “no thanks” to Belfort if he is able to reclaim the title from Chris Weidman.

When asked about facing Belfort yet again—The Spider knocked out Vitor in the first round at UFC 126—Silva was clear that he didn’t want to do it. “I think not,” he stated. “What had to be done has already been done. Of course we are employees of the UFC, of course, but I do not like fighting Brazilians. I do not see this possibility.”

Of course Silva is certainly not a lock to regain the belt he lost earlier this year, but it still has to be a downer for Belfort. The UFC has the power to book whatever fight they want, but it makes things a lot more difficult when the best fighter in UFC history says he prefers not to.

For Belfort’s sake, maybe Weidman will defend the belt and welcome Belfort’s challenge with open arms.


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