Ian McCall wants to “beat the green” off Louis Gaudinot; suggests ‘Hair vs. Stache’ bout

Posted: August 23, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion
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UFC On Fox: Diaz v Miller - Weigh InGirls aren’t the only ones that go straight for the hair in a fight. On an episode of Beatdown Radio, Ian McCall unleashed a fury of hatred toward Louis Gaudinot stating he wanted to beat the green off of him and the loser should lose their hair or stache.  Louis did nothing wrong and has been a nice guy but something about him just bugs McCall.

“There’s one certain person, after this [UFC 163 bout against Iliarde Santos], I would love to beat the crap out of … Louis Gaudinot. I want to beat the green off that guy. There’s something about him. [I see] his face, I want to punch it. … Your hair offends me. Your style, your ground is garbage. … And honestly, mostly it’s business. My agent said, ‘Hey, we’re not getting this fight. Go call somebody out.’ So I had to pick on somebody. Why not pick on him? Something about him just bugs me. It’s not like he’s ever been a dick to me or anything. He’s actually been nice to me in person, but he’s known.”

“He’s a name. He’s someone that I know would put up a fight and … maybe we’ll do a hair-off. Whoever loses, he has to shave his head or I have to shave my glorious mustache, which is actually impossible because it’s just like a dictator’s beard, the beard of doom. You can’t even light it on fire. It’s not going anywhere. So he might as well shave his head now and just pray to God that I don’t get my hands on him.”


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