Now he’s just becoming predictable — Mayhem Miller arrested yet AGAIN

Posted: August 26, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, Latest news
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slingbladeWell, Jason “Mayhem” Miller was arrested AGAIN. Not to be confused with his domestic violence arrest about a week ago, he was nabbed yet again.  This one is being called “Corporal Injury to a Spouse.”

There aren’t many details available, but really, do we need details? Miller has been displaying bizarre behavior for quite a while now. He’s been arrested before multiple times. Once for violence against his sister; another time for destroying a church…naked; then last week’s arrest for domestic abuse; and now this.

His days of being the eccentric class clown are long gone. Now he’s just the idiot trying to make Amanda Bynes look normal. The most likely tipping point of Miller’s life was his horrendous UFC return and subsequent release form the organization. It was shortly thereafter that he pulled his naked church stunt, as well as his insanity-filled “performance” with Ariel Helwani.

I’m really on the fence now. I certainly don’t mind calling someone out for acting like a douche. But we’re getting to the point where this guys seems legitimately nuts. He’s going full Slingblade here and it’s obvious he needs some lock-down time.

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  2. […] sympathetic to disturbed and deranged, as well as just being an asshole. He’s had problems with the law and problems with sanity. Aside from all that, his in-cage performances have been terrible to say […]

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