Victim says Mayhem Miller Choked her; Viciously punched & Kicked her; Urinated on her

Posted: August 27, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, Latest news

mayhem_millerJason “Mayhem” Miller was in court yesterday for his two recent arrests—both felony domestic abuse charges. was in the court room and presented some pretty interesting insight on the events. Miller pled not guilty to both counts, which isn’t a surprise. But some of the details are fairly eye-opening.

Three tweets sent by Miller were reviewed by the judge. The first: “IF YOU ARE READING THIS WITH FEAR IN YOUR HEART, MAYBE’LL KILL YOU.” “Maybe” for some reason was Miller’s Twitter handle–although now he’s changed it again to “God is Love.” The second tweet: “PEOPLE PREFER PRISONERS OVER PARTNERS. IF THEY CAN’T HAVE YOU, NO ONE CAN. CAN’T KILL MAYBE.” And the third: “DIE DIE DIE.”

It was pointed out by Miller’s attorney that those messages could have been directed at anyone; and not necessarily the victim, Ana Pricilla (aka Anna Stable). Either way, the judged ruled that Miller was indeed a threat to society.

According to the victim, Miller urinated on her and choked her until she fell to the floor. He allegedly went on to “viciously” punch and kick her while she was on the floor. Miller’s attorney explained that the victim was asked to leave the house—which she apparently refused—and that Miller’s father saw her attack Miller.

Miller was reprimanded by the judge because of Miller’s gestures, facial expressions and repeated nodding to everyone in attendance. He tried to apologize by stating that he’s an “expressive person” and “an artist.” The judge cut him off and told him to keep quiet and let his lawyer do the talking.

The defense made it known that Miller has a restraining order against Pricilla—and amazingly so do “a few” of Pricilla’s other former boyfriends. As the proceedings came to a close, Miller, as mentioned was deemed a threat and was banned from owning firearms. Pricilla was placed under a protective order and Miller’s bail was set at $100,000.

Kudos to SciFighting for such a detailed analysis of the days’ events. Stay tuned for more.

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