Despite Mir’s complaints, ref’s stoppage didn’t affect outcome Barnett fight

Posted: September 3, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, UFC Events

mircomplainFrank Mir joins a list of fighters a mile long. No, I’m not referring to a list of heavyweight champions; or a list of fighters who have seen a career decline. I’m talking about the list of fighters who have complained about a stoppage. So far he hasn’t entered Miesha Tate’s class yet, but over time, who knows.

Mir was stopped by Josh Barnett in just under 2 minutes Saturday night when referee Robert Hinds jumped in to stop the fight. Naturally Mir thought the ref’s decision was early. But replays show that Mir was likely the victim of at least a momentary flash knockout, as his head sagged and went limp.

To Mir’s point, he did recover quickly and whether he was actually out will never be proven. But even though Mir seemed as though he could continue just seconds after Hinds jumped in, don’t forget, by stopping Barnett’s attack, it allowed Mir to regain his composure. While I think the ref could have easily let the fight continue without fault, I’m almost 100% sure he would have had to do the same thing—save Mir—within the next five minutes.

Like almost every person before Mir who complained about an early stoppage, I say this…if the fight wasn’t stopped, the beating would have continued. That’s especially true for Mir. He was crumbling to the canvas as the ref stepped in. His head was exposed as both hands were on the mat. Barnett would have given him another barrage of shots that quite frankly, Mir didn’t need. Early? Eh, maybe slightly. Did it change the outcome? Absolutely not. It only would have delayed the outcome by another couple seconds.

Mir’s argument is even close to the worst. I won’t rank the most bizarre complaints, but I vividly remember Tyson Griffin getting knocked out cold by Takanori Gomi. Despite taking a face plant into the canvas and then about 3 or 4 more unanswered blows to the head, Griffin was livid about the stoppage. I have a feeling he was feeling pretty stupid when he saw the replay.


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