Joe Rogan wants WAY more weight classes in the UFC

Posted: September 4, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion
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roganIn MMA terms, the addition of the featherweight and bantamweight divisions into the UFC happened eons ago. In actual terms, it was less than 3 years ago. The flyweight division was even more recent in 2012. And if it was up to commentator Joe Rogan, there would be even more weight classes added to the eight current (men’s) divisions today.

Rogan has been a huge fan of the flyweights since their addition to the roster; and he thinks there’s room for several more.  “I would like to see a super heavyweight division,” Rogan told Bloody Elbow, “but more importantly, I’d like to see some classes in between middleweight and light heavyweight. There’s a 20 pound difference there. Imagine stacking up 20 steaks. That’s a huge difference.”

So reading between the lines, Rogan seems to be suggesting a 195 pound weight class. I imagine some fighters like Wanderlei Silva, Dan Henderson and Rashad Evans might find that division a natural home, along with some other smaller light heavyweights who aren’t quite comfortable with the drop to 185.

As for super heavyweight, I don’t know to what extent there is a need for that one. How many doors would be opened with this addition? I just don’t know if there are a slew of great fighters around the world weighing in at over 265 pounds. I’d be curious to hear Rogan’s reasoning behind a super heavyweight division.

But those aren’t the only new classes he’d add. “There are guys out there that could really benefit from a 160 pound division,” he continued. “Diego Sanchez is a prime example of that.” With just a 5 pound gap, there would no doubt be numerous fighters bouncing between divisions based on what opportunities are present. Nate Diaz would likely find 160 a nice fit.

So based on Rogan’s suggestions, the UFC would have the following weight classes and champions, if not more. What are your thoughts?


  1. Sean says:

    I’m all for a super heavy weight division!!! I trained and TRIED to fight for 14 years but no one was into super heavy weights thus they had no reason to work to get better!! Keeping the talent pool shallow. I did mange to have 27 amateur fights against very sub-par opponents. No major production gives them a place to fight. It was VERY hard finding fights or getting put on a card. I am 6’6″, weighed 286lbs at 7% body fat in my prime when training full time but could not lose that extra 20lbs without cutting muscle. I’m pushing 40 now and am well past my prime but I’m sure there are a lot of young guys out there my size that would become the skilled fighters you want to see if they had an outlet to showcase it and actually get paid! Plus… exciting as watching fast paced highly skilled little guys rolling around together can be…….we ALL know we would rather see someone hit so hard you believe their head is going to fly off their shoulders!!!

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