Jacare Souza — Last Night’s Biggest Winner — might be open to Anderson Silva fight after all

Posted: September 5, 2013 in Biggest Winners/Biggest Losers, Commentary/Opinion

Ronald "Jacare" SouzaWe usually write an article on the Biggest Winners and Biggest Losers of each PPV event. If we were to write one about last night’s Fight Night, my “biggest winner” wouldn’t be Glover Teixeira. It would be Jacare Souza. Sure Teixeira earned a title shot with his 1st round knockout of Ryan Bader, but Souza might have done the same thing. And more impressively.

Souza has been known for most of his career as a grappler with top notch BJJ and submissions. As a multiple time world jiu jitsu champion, it’s no wonder the ground has always been his bread and butter. But lately we’ve seen an amazing transition for Jacare. In last night’s fight, his striking was surprisingly good; as it has been for the past few fights. That kind of combination can make someone a real title threat.

And guess what? By defeating Yushin Okami, the #3 ranked middleweight, Souza has put himself right in the mix to face the champion—whoever it might be. Anderson Silva will attempt to recapture the belt from new champ Chris Weidman at the end of the year. In the past, Souza has been reluctant to fight Silva, his fellow countryman and a training partner. But have things changed?

After his resounding win over Okami, Souza might have eased back on that concern a little. “That’s not up to me,” he said. “I train with Anderson Silva. We help each other. I’m a UFC fighter, but I hope they never match us to fight. However, I’m ready to fight anyone in the world at 185 or 205.”

That quote is open to interpretation I suppose, but it seems to me that maybe he IS willing to fight Silva after all. And in my opinion, he’s in the team picture for the next shot at Silva or Weidman. The only other person I see in the discussion is Belfort. I wonder how Silva feels about that.


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