Anonymous poll of UFC Fighters reveals 27% of opponents shit their pants??

Posted: September 11, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, Cool Stuff We Like did an anonymous survey with a number of professional—mostly UFC—fighters about some interesting topics. Here’s a look at some of the questions—and more importantly, the answers—the fighters disclosed.

  • What’s the estimate of how many fighters are using illegal PEDs?  51%
  • Abstaining from sex before a fight is advantageous? 53% said no way.
  • Best fighter in the world? 41% said GSP; 24% said Jones and 21% said Silva.
  • Do you worry about a fighter dying inside the cage?  29% admitted to worrying about that.
  • Salary in 2012?  $70,307 was the average of the fighters polled.
  • Grossest thing about fighting? 16% said sweat. Others receiving votes were broken bones, staph, body odor and blood.
  • Should fighters be forced to accept superfights? 74% said nope.
  • Cutting weight? 17 pounds was the average among fighters polled.
  • Has an opponent ever shit or pissed his pants during a fight? 27% said yes! And “sweat” is the grossest thing??
  • Fighters union? 76% said they’d be all for it.

And here’s a quote from one of the fighters—a LHW in the UFC. It proves yet again that no one wants to take credit for dropping an ass-bomb in public.

“I was on top of a guy once, punching him, and he kept farting. It smelled, but what am I supposed to do? I just kept punching. I didn’t want the ref to think it was me, so between rounds, I told him it wasn’t.”


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