Boxing champ Adrien Broner says MMA ‘isn’t a sport;’ and other stupid shit

Posted: September 11, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion

ADRIEN-BRONER-ARRESTED-570WBA welterweight boxing champion Adrien Broner is yet another member of the growing list of boxers who are having a hard time accepting reality. Broner was asked about MMA and—SURPRISE—he isn’t impressed. He also said some crap that made no sense, but I’ll let you decide.

“I’m really not too big on MMA,” he said. “I really don’t look at it as a real sport because anybody can come into MMA and learn that. You can learn that. Listen, you can’t just come in to boxing and be a world champion. You’ve got to be born with it.”

I’m not sure I even have to say this, but …WHAAAATTT??? But it gets better. Broner told the guy conducting the interview that even he could become a world champion if he learned the submissions.

“Right now, you can go into MMA, learn all the submission moves and be a world champion.” See, I told you.

Broner’s nonsense continued: “It doesn’t matter how long it takes. I don’t give a fuck what you do, you can try to come over to boxing, and you won’t ever be a world champion. I’m not disrespecting you, but I’m just saying, that’s how it works.”

If nothing else, the growing list of boxers who continue to disrespect MMA, are proving themselves to be ignorant by their comments. Didn’t they learn anything from James “Fat Face” Toney? Listen, this guy Broner is a 3 time world champion and currently fights at 147 pounds. Here’s my call. PLEASE tell me if I’m crazy, but I don’t think I am. Throw Broner into a cage and he gets massacred by ANY featherweight in the UFC.

Cody McKenzie would change Broner’s dipey, feed him, burp him, swaddle him in a little blanket, and put him to sleep in time to make it to 2 for 1 happy hour at Fuddrucker’s. And that’s a guy who can only do 4 push-ups. What would Jose Aldo do to this jackass?

  1. Ian Brewster says:

    I am a huge boxing fan….huge the hate they have against mma fighters is beyond me….as the article said the STUPID SHIT these guys say….

  2. rashaun j says:

    I believe you are full of shit to disrespect this sport. Since anyone can be a mma fighter I dare u to challenge any fighter in your desired weight class and watch yourself get murdered. Come on lets see it happen matter of fact step your game up and fight Frankie Edgar.

  3. vigilantemma says:

    Thanks for the comments, guys. Please friend us on Facebook if you haven’t already.

  4. […] Boxing champ Adrien Broner says MMA 'isn't a sport;' and other stupid shit […]

  5. […] Boxing champ Adrien Broner says MMA ‘isn’t a sport;’ and other stupid shit […]

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