EA Sports adds more creative striking to UFC video game … thanks to Anthony Pettis

Posted: September 11, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion

showtimekickEA Sports has taken over the reign of the UFC video game product and it looks like there are some changes that will make game play even more realistic. EA’s creative director, Brian Hayes talked about how certain fighters like Anthony Pettis are making it necessary to build video games with even more versatility than ever before.

“There’s a lot more variety in terms of the strikes you can perform in a game like UFC,” Hayes told IGN,  “especially with some of the fighters doing the things that they’re doing now – like the cage-based strikes that Anthony “Showtime” Pettis does. So we never had to worry about a guy running and jumping off the side of the cage and doing a roundhouse kick against his opponent…but it’s a great challenge to have now that we’re working on EA Sports UFC.”

Pettis isn’t the only guy who changed the way EA creates offensive attacks in the game. Long time veteran Dan Henderson gets props from Hayes as well. “Say you’re fighting Dan Henderson. Well guess what? His overhand right is a nuclear bomb. You need to watch out for that overhand right.”

These types of details make for a much more customized experience. I remember playing the old WWE video games and amusing myself when King Kong Bundy would perform a top rope moonsault—a move the 450 pounder could never pull off in real life. It sounds like EA’s UFC game will be light years beyond that.


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