Jones finally says what we’ve been thinking, “Gustafsson does NOTHING like me”

Posted: September 11, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion

gustafsson1As our loyal readers know, we tend to seek out—and pick apart—things that are said (usually by fighters) that strike us as being idiotic. We enjoy slamming people for saying stupid shit, like Adrien Broner. But here’s an instance where I have to say, I agree wholeheartedly with a guy—Jon Jones.

Every time Jones puts his belt on the line, message boards are full of detractors saying ‘X’ (fill in the name of Jones’ next opponent) will destroy that pretender Jones. And when it doesn’t happen, those people just go away until the next challenge is named. So, without taking anything away from Alexander Gustafsson, let me just say PLEASE STOP. And that’s what Jones said too.

Since both guys are tall, many “experts” are trying to say that Jones’ advantages disappear. Please! “I think the only thing me and Gustafsson have in common is that we’re both 26 years old and the fact that we’re both over 6-foot-4 tall,” Jones pointed out. “Outside of that, we are completely different fighters.”

“I’ve been able to study him a lot over the last several months, and I realized there’s absolutely nothing he does that’s like me. We’re just completely different. We have the same height and age, and that’s absolutely it.”

Kudos to “Bones” for stating what to me is obvious. Just because Gustafsson is tall like Jones and young like Jones (and unlike many of his opponents), doesn’t make him “the guy.” I’ll admit he’s a good fighter with a great future in the sport. But honestly I think he’s in over his head. Ideally, if the LHW division wasn’t in complete disarray, Gustafsson would likely be at least one or two fights away from challenging for the title.


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