Disgusting Joe Son (UFC 4, Austin Powers) looking at Death Penalty for murdering cell mate

Posted: September 12, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion
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Joe_Son_mugshotYou remember Joe Son. He’s the guy whose ballsack took a severe drubbing from Keith Hackney in the infamous UFC 4 opening round bout. Son is also the guy who played the role of evil henchman, Random Task in Austin Powers. And of course, he’s also the guy who’s rotting in a jail cell right now for his part in gang raping and torturing a woman in 1990. This fat fuck is a piece of garbage.

He was then sentenced to life in prison and now he’s back in the news. Just a month after reporting to prison, he murdered his cell mate. There’s a good chance prosecutors will pursue the death penalty on this steaming pile of shit.

In hindsight, I really wish Hackney would have worked over Son’s scrote even more harshly. He probably should have ripped it right off. How sweet would it be to see someone like Shane Carwin use his retirement time to go and beat the living shit out of this dude? I’d totally watch that reality show! TMZ has the whole story.

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