Self-important ‘Queen of Spades’ turns into TUF 18’s Joker

Posted: September 12, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, The Ultimate Fighter

baszlerWe usually do a write up on the highlights (and lowlights) from the previous episode of TUF. Today I’m going to do something different. I have to focus on just one item from last night’s episode—the LOW point of the show.

Shayna Bazler. I think you know where I’m going with this, but let’s start with the show. Baszler’s overly cocky “performance” was comical from the beginning. Her “I’m a legend” act was both ironic and ridiculous. In all honesty, the casual TUF fan had no more clue who she was then any of the other fighters on the show, yet she walked around like she was the entire reason to watch.

The last person to pull that act on TUF was Roy Nelson—and he at least proved his point by winning the show and becoming a legit UFC contender. Baszler on the other hand will go down in history as the one who tried to convince everyone she was already a star. In reality she was the first one eliminated form the show. Just like Cameron Diffley, Clayton McKinney and Wes Shivers.

Enough of my rant about the show. Now let me introduce Baszler’s blog, which she hilariously calls “The Queen’s Manifesto.” Basically it’s several long paragraphs about how much she dislikes Julianna, how she still thinks she’s a title contender, and a litany of terrible excuses as to why she lost.

Really, it’s embarrassing. Look at this self-serving sentence:  “The first day of practice would be a dream for many hardcore fans of WMMA: Ronda and I just rolling.” Oh man, I laughed so hard at this. She says it as though there are millions of old school WMMA fans out there just hoping to someday have their dreams fulfilled by getting to see Ronda Rousey—the biggest star in WMMA history—practice with a TUF contestant with a 15-8 career record. Puh-leease!!

Although “they didn’t show it on TV,” Baszler claims that Rousey told her she was picked first because Ronda was threatened by her and wanted to keep Baszler close. WHAT?? I have a hard time believing they would have edited that part out of the show—unless it didn’t happen that way. My guess is Ronda said some version of that as a way to console her student (not her equal, as Shayna wants us to believe) after her embarrassing loss.

By the way, Baszler says “I completely kicked her ass the first round. Period.” That’s funny because I didn’t see it that way. I saw her control much of the round with grappling, but I also saw Julianna land MUCH heavier blows, even from the bottom. Well, maybe the TUF brass edited that part out too.

You know who she sounds like? Remember that documentary on MTV about those idiot video gamers? There was one guy who had the same attitude as Baszler. He claimed he was one of the top 5 Golden Tee players in the country. He’d walk into bars expecting to be signing autographs; but instead always just looked like a douche because there AREN’T any Golden Tee fans and groupies. That’s Baszler!

Go ahead and read the list of excuses and ridiculous claims “The Queen of Spades” makes in this blog.

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  1. Rob Tatum says:

    You have every right to criticize Shayna as you see fit, but at least have the tact to put your name on your piece. It’s pure cowardice to attack without standing behind your own opinion.

  2. Dave says:

    This gal almost beat McMann.. Check out that fight. She ROCKED McMann in the closing seconds of that fight — her biggest problem is her inconsistent performance…. I unfortunately did not see TUF. I will have to watch it on DVD

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