Cody Bollinger’s Episode 2 ‘TUF 18’ Interview: Ambien, Whipped Cream & Shower Heads

Posted: September 13, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, The Ultimate Fighter
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bollingerWelcome the first of many weekly interviews with The Ultimate Fighter 18 cast member Cody Bollinger. Bollinger was the 1st pick of the draft and continues to be one of the favorites to win the tournament. This week we’ll double-dip and talk a little about the 1st two episodes. Some of the best moments were Cody’s description of one housemates midnight feast; the TUF pick-up artist and his candid thoughts on coaches Miesha Tate and Bryan Caraway. If this week’s interview is any indication of how the rest of the season will be; buckle up. Cody knocked one out of the park this week. Hope you enjoy.

VigilanteMMA: Let’s start off with the big surprise. What did you think when you saw Miesha show up instead of Cat?

Cody Bollinger: I was a little surprised. I was wondering what happened. I thought maybe they just wanted to change for the hell of it for the rivalry. But they gave us the details and you know, that sucks for Cat. I hope she heals up soon and gets that title shot that she deserves.

VigilanteMMA: Obviously, the most unique thing this season is that there are men and women living in the house. How did you feel about sharing the house with the girls?

Cody Bollinger: Before I got in the house I was kinda standoffish about it. I watched women’s MMA—Invicta and the women that are now in the UFC—I watched some before, but not in depth. I couldn’t tell you the top 10 at 115 (pounds); I just knew the more popular names. So I didn’t know how women’s MMA carried themselves. So I just planned on sticking to myself and doing my own thing and avoiding that whole situation of the show. But they were all for the most part really cool. So once I got into the house, it was a lot different than I thought it would be. I don’t know why I expected it to be such a horrible experience, but they were all really nice, really professional.

VigilanteMMA: And what about training with them? We saw Tim Gorman talk about not really wanting to train with them and even treated them a little differently.

Cody Bollinger: (Laughs) Yeah, Timmy was a special guy. It’s funny. I’ve trained with girls before in MMA so I wasn’t opposed to it. I trained with a couple while I was there and they were trying to hit me harder than the guys were. They held their own. I treated them like men for the most part.

VigilanteMMA: So did any of the girls ever submit Gorman before he left?

Cody Bollinger: No man, he got kicked off like the third day. So they didn’t really get the chance. He never got tapped but maybe we’ll see a follow up to that or something.

VigilanteMMA: Another funny part was Anthony. I think this guy really thought all the females wanted to bang him.

Cody Bollinger: (Laughs) Yeah man, he was like that the whole season. He’s a real funny guy. He can kinda come off as he’s serious (about it), but he’s just having fun the whole time. None of the girls really had a problem with it. He was just having fun.

VigilanteMMA: You’re a married guy, so it doesn’t apply to you, but did you think having girls and guys together might cause some hook ups along the way? Or did you assume all-business for everyone?

Cody Bollinger: I planned all-business obviously. But I did wonder if anybody was gonna hook up. You guys will see how that plays out, but it definitely wasn’t what I expected.

VigilanteMMA: Tell us something awesome about the house.

Cody Bollinger: The showers! I have never been in a shower that had like eight shower heads. It was insane! It had like 3 speeds, a bunch of different styles. It was like something you’d see in a suite at the Palms.

VigilanteMMA: Tell us something terrible.

Cody Bollinger: Um, the back yard. You see in every (other) season they have a football field for a back yard and an Olympic sized pool. But our pool was long but it was just one lane. And there was no grass; it was fake turf. That was a bummer man. I was looking forward to having that big ol’ back yard.

VigilanteMMA: Wait, it’s not the same house?

Cody Bollinger: No. Holly Madison bought that house!

VigilanteMMA: Oh man, I had no idea!

Cody Bollinger: Crazy right?

VigilanteMMA: Weird. Ok, let’s talk about the fight. Shayna vs Julianna. It looke dliek nobody gave Julianna a chance. Same with you?

Cody Bollinger: I’ll be honest. They didn’t show my interview, but I knew about Shayna—I’d heard of her. But I’d never heard of Julianna. Pretty much everyone ruled Julianna out. Nobody thought she could pull it off. I’m glad they didn’t show my interview, but she pulled something out of her butt. Being the underdog doesn’t matter; she stepped up and proved us all wrong.

VigilanteMMA: Was Shayna too cocky and over-confident? Was that a mistake?

Cody Bollinger: No. I personally don’t like that, but every fighter has a personality they go with and how they present themselves. That’s Shayna’s brand. Plenty of other fighters do it and they don’t get hated on. That’s her thing. I don’t like it but I’m not going to put her down because of it. She’s good at it and that’s how she is.

VigilanteMMA: When you first got there, did you look around the room and pick out somebody and think, “THAT’S the guy I have to beat”?

Cody Bollinger: Yeah, I had a couple guys. Not to sound overconfident, but I knew in my head that I could beat anybody in there but there were definitely two guys that stood out to me. Chris Holdsworth and David Grant. I mean David Grant’s probably the biggest guy there, his wrestling defense is good and his hands are pretty good too. So I knew he’d be tough. And Holdsworth on the ground is a master at jiu jitsu so I knew that would be a tough fight. Every guy is tough in their own way. Those were the two that stood out the most.

VigilanteMMA: So you watched the show—and you lived it. Did they leave out anything good you can tell us about?

Cody Bollinger: Well the skipped on Timmy’s feast! Before he got kicked off the show, the first night in the house, we pigged out and everybody’s asleep. I woke up pretty early and Timmy is still in the kitchen! He’s got an ice cream bowl with Cap’n Crunch, whipped cream and waffles in there—all in one bowl. Well it turns out, he takes Ambien to sleep. What happens is, if he doesn’t lay down within a half hour, he walks around in a daze and doesn’t know what he’s doing. He was only there like 3 days, but he definitely left an impression on us. Me and Anthony are like “what are you doing man?” We played with him a little bit.

VigilanteMMA: We have two questions from our readers from Facebook. The first one is pretty good. Have you ever fought a guy who crapped his pants—and I’ll add to it…crapped, pissed or farted?

Cody Bollinger: (Laughs) Well I’ve had some smelly opponents. I don’t know if they were farting, but they smelled like crap. So nobody’s ever crapped or pissed themselves in a fight. I hope to avoid that, but I’ll let you know if that changes (laughs).

VigilanteMMA: Nice! Thanks for the scoop! Next, here’s one from Erik, one of our readers…what’s your best/favorite submission?

Cody Bollinger: I like anything from a front headlock. I’m a wrestling based guy so… I can’t say I have a favorite—I like the D’arce—but I’ll take what they give me. I’m not picky. I want my wins and I want my finishes.

VigilanteMMA: Probably the most interesting thing about the season is that the coaches are actually helping train fighters within their own division this time. And with the female roster being so shallow right now, there’s a very good chance some fo the girls on the show will be in a position to actually fight Ronda or Miesha real soon. Is that weird to you?

Cody Bollinger: Yeah, that’s something that doesn’t ever happen (with TUF). You know, I could tell from Ronda’s team that Ronda gave her all. She didn’t care that she’d be fighting these people. As far as Miesha and Caraway, they brought in top notch coaches—guys like Master Tong, Ricky Lundell, top guys—but as far as Miesha and Caraway, they taught a little bit, but they mostly kept to themselves. Their coaches handled most everything; and they did their own thing.

VigilanteMMA: Were you bothered by that?

Cody Bollinger: I couldn’t have been happier with Team Tate because of the coaches they brought in, but as far as Miesha really coaching, the first day she taught a couple things and not too much (after). She was kind of standoffish. They may not show that, but that’s one thing I really noticed. I only got to train with Bryan Caraway like once while I was there.

VigilanteMMA: Speaking of Bryan Caraway, he’s got a reputation that isn’t the most positive right now. How was your time with him?

Cody Bollinger: Yeah, I wouldn’t be opposed to fighting him, I’ll say that. I don’t have any bad blood with him or anything, he’s a cool guy. They’re different. People don’t come off a certain way because they’re not that way. You know, Shayna comes off as arrogant, because she is. Caraway comes off a certain way, it’s probably for a reason. I’ll keep my opinion to myself for now but everybody gets their opinion of someone for a reason. And everybody seems to agree about Caraway for the most part.

VigilanteMMA: Well thanks for your time Cody. Great job and we’ll talk to you next week!

Cody Bollinger: Thanks boss!!

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