Mayhem Miller calls former BFF Mark Munoz “BITCH” after getting thrown out of gym

Posted: September 13, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, Latest news
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munoz_mark_003Jason “Mayhem” Miller is on a collision course with disaster and now he’s even losing friends. Mark Munoz, one of Miller’s closest friends over the years, was forced to tell Mayhem to take a hike from Reign Gym. Miller’s behavior prompted the dismissal.

“Unfortunately, I do own a business,” Munoz told MMA Weekly.  “If I didn’t own business… there were decisions that needed to be made to keep the integrity of my business and those were some of the things he referenced in those tweets – that, and that I always said I was going to be there for him. So things went south from him there, and I tried, I really tried. There’s definitely consequences for your actions, and that’s something he needs to know. It doesn’t negate the fact that I care about him. I care about him. I really do. But I do have people to protect. I have people and a business I need to provide for.”

As you might guess, Miller didn’t exactly react rationally to this. He took to twitter to slam Munoz and question their friendship. “You are such a bitch Mark Munoz,” Miller tweeted. “How do you expect to do anything with your life other than be your wife’s gimp?”

He also added the all-caps laden, “MUNOZ IS OFFICIALLY A BITCH” tweet for good measure.

Both Miller and Munoz shared similar stories about how Munoz was training for the Demian Maia fight. It was about the same time Miller was set to coach The Ultimate Fighter. When the UFC told Mayhem he needed to report to film the show at a certain time, he balked. He refused to go because he was helping Munoz train for the Maia fight. Munoz corroborated the story.

“We just got to present to him what’s right,” Munoz said. “And if he takes it, he takes it. I tried. We tried — this whole gym tried.”


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