Food Orgies, Gladiators & Famous Turds: TUF’s Tim Gorman chats with VigilanteMMA

Posted: September 16, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, The Ultimate Fighter

timgormanWe caught up with Tim Gorman this weekend and spoke with him about his TUF experience.  While you read the interview just know that Gorman had just gotten out of the shower and although he dried off quickly, he didn’t want to be rude and keep me waiting so he did the entire interview in the buff. Now THAT is professionalism.

In last week’s episode we saw that you had a pretty nasty hamstring injury, is the leg back to 100% and are you training full time now?

Yeah I’m actually back to 100% and training full time. I was at 100% about 2 ½ to 3 weeks ago so I’ve been going pretty hard at everything. Basically what happened was when I got back from the show; I made an appointment with a doctor to get a stem cell injection so as soon as I got that stem cell injection a week after I was still able to train. I was just limited to like the wrestling and jiu-jitsu where I couldn’t like bend my leg a lot. So when it came to just standing on my feet, boxing and doing the elliptical it didn’t affect my hamstring so it’s not like I’ve been sitting on the couch the last three months. I feel I’m back to 100% now.

The time you spent rehabbing, did you have any female sparring partners in the gym?

No, I didn’t. I actually don’t have any female sparring partners. I never have.

You said in the house that you wouldn’t go 100% with a woman in training. So what is your view on women in MMA?

I said on the show that I wouldn’t go 100% with them because it would go against my morals. I’m not going to beat up a girl you know. I’ll work with them on drills and stuff and we can capitalize off the training but I’m just saying as far as the sparring goes I’m not going to punch any girl. I feel like that’s just wrong.

What was your impression of Meisha Tate prior to TUF?

I didn’t know who Meisha Tate was before I went in there. I just knew she was the coach so I heard her name that way but I didn’t know anything about her.

What was it after you left the house?

I just thought she was cool. She was really positive; she was real smiley all the time, great energy.  She just seemed like a really nice girl.

Did you get to interact with Ronda Rousey at all and had you heard of here before TUF?

Yeah, I had heard of Ronda that she was the world champion. On the show I feel like she comes off as a hardass but actually they had a long buffet set out in the gym and I remember having a conversation and talking with her while we were eating. She just seemed like really nice and down to earth and she was really cool in general. I was kind of like you know a little skeptical at first, just wondering like she’s the female world champion and I’m just a no name guy on Meisha Tate’s team and I was wondering if she would not want to talk to me or not be personable but we were talking like friends having a normal conversation. She was really cool. She didn’t act like she was the shit or something.

One statement you made on the show was that a woman would never submit you; do you think that Ronda could submit you?


Not a chance?


Do you feel the cameras portrayed you and the other fighters fairly, that what we saw was pretty much the way it was?

Yeah, The Ultimate Fighter is as real as it can get. There were times when I was like what was I supposed to do and they said just be you. I always kind of wondered that too on these reality shows are really like real or not and this one is not at all like straight up what you see is what happened they are like just hanging in the background while you are at the house doing whatever. I mean what you see is what you get.

Was there anything that happened in the house that you were disappointed that they cut out?

(Laughs) The two Brits, there’s the guy from Sweden and the other guy from England, when we first got there and we were all checking out the rooms and stuff and we’re looking at our room and we’re looking around and we’re walking around and we go to the bathroom and there’s a bidet in the bathroom right and we’re all laughing about it. I was kind of like teasing them a little bit and I was like hey that’s for you guys, you out of towners can use that thing and they were like oh no we don’t use that. They were from a different country or something. The dude from England was just kind of checking the thing out and this was so fucking funny that I cannot believe they didn’t put this in, we were just scoping out the bidet and looking at it like ‘dude how does this thing even fucking work’ and he’s looking over it and presses this button and it shot water into his face! It just fucking blasted him right in the face. Me and the dude from Sweden we fucking lost it, we lost it so hard. It was pretty funny.

The rumor is that Dana White is going to give you a shot in the UFC and that you could fight as early as Jan. 

Well, it’s still in discussion.

Dana paid for your leg treatment because it was pre-existing, do you think he gets the bum rap sometimes?

Dana is a beast.  I tell you what when you think about a big corporate guy they are all about the numbers. You know just getting the dollar bill and make money where they can but Dana White straight up and the Ultimate Fighter production actually care about each of their fighters and they are so understanding and caring for everyone. I just thought it was really cool and spoke a lot about their character. You know they didn’t have to help but they are truly passionate about this sport.  I think it’s bullshit that a bunch of haters talk shit about Dana. You have to understand that this dude is making all these fighters dreams come true and changing their lives.

Who do you want to fight first in the UFC?  In your vlog, you said you wanted to fight Brian Caraway for a date with Miesha Tate. Do you still want that fight?

(Laughs) Yeah, I think that would be a good first fight for sure. I guess that would kind of be up to Meisha Tate. I think that that would be a priceless fight in the sense that that’s worth more than money. You can’t put a price on that, for me to fight Brian Caraway for a date with his girlfriend…just one date, that’s all I’m asking for. I think that would be the Ultimate Fighter right there just because there is so much on the line.

Speaking of Brian, he has the reputation of being an asshole.  Did you pick up that vibe from him?

I didn’t really even talk to him that much to be honest with you.  I’m the type of dude where if I like a girl, I don’t really care if she has a boyfriend if I don’t know the dude. As far as like, if I know the guy and I’m fighting with him I’d never step on toes and I’m like a loyal friend and I’m a cool dude about never messing with someone’s girlfriend if I know them.

Was there anyone in the house that you got close too?

I definitely felt like there was a little friendship between me and Julianna. I felt the closest with her and became friends with her. I felt as far as the women go, I became friends with Juliana. I wouldn’t say we would of hooked up because I feel like that would have been disrespectful to her and she was too classy for anything like that. She was kind of feisty too and I kind of liked that. She was a good looking girl but we were just friends.

Of all the women, I felt closest to her. She actually is the only one that knew that I had the hamstring injury. I opened up to her and told her what was going on with me because at that point I planned on still fighting so I couldn’t talk to anyone else because I didn’t want my opponent to like use it against me and kick me in the hamstring or something. I actually had a lot of trust in her and showed her my leg and told her about the injury.

Do you think Shayna may have crossed the line a bit leading up to her fight with Juliana?

I heard about it but didn’t really get to hear what was being said because I watched it at a bar with my friends and it was really loud in there. I liked everybody in the house, I really did. I can’t really hold it against anybody how they talk about a fight when they are going into it. Everybody has a different way of firing themselves up and getting pumped up. I felt like if her way of getting pumped up was talking a little shit then that was just here way of getting pumped up and getting ready to go to war. People don’t understand that fighting is a fucking war to go into a little cage where you can get hurt really bad is a war. So what let them talk shit and at the end of the day she’s the one getting in there and fighting so you got to respect that. At the end of the day Julianna beat her so it doesn’t matter what she said.

Do you have any pre-fight rituals that you do?  Special underwear, motivational quote or whatever?

Yeah, to be honest with you this is so corny. I guess it sounds really cheesy but my way of getting prepared for battle is pretending like is visualizing myself back in the old gladiator days getting ready to go fight to the death and I visualize that I am actually fighting the death and it’s just live or die situation and I’m not going in there to bounce around and score some points and be a smart fighter. I go in there like seriously trying to beat the fuck out of the guy and hurt him really bad, just basically try to kill them with your bare hands. I’m a technical fighter I feel like I have a lot of skills and I can be technical but when I’m fighting I want to hurt them so I can technically beat the fuck out of them.  Like I’m trying to take them out.

A recent survey said approximately 27% of MMA fighters have had an opponent crap themselves in a fight, has that ever happened to you?

(Laughs) That’s some pretty shitty statistics. I actually am pretty blown away it’s that high. Yeah, it’s never happened to me but I remember back in high school there was a heavyweight that shit his singlet. There were some fights like not too long ago where this dude actually got leg kicked so hard that he took a dump and the actual turd fell on the canvas of the cage. Everybody was taking pictures of it and stuff and the ref had to come and pick the turd up. The ref got the shit end of the stick! That turd became famous, there were pictures all over the internet of it and that turd got more recognition and exposure than any fighter that night. It might be signing autographs.

We were talking with Cody Bollinger and he told us about an interesting late night snack you made?

(Laughs) Yeah, I didn’t know that story was out and I was just kind of fooling around on Facebook and saw the headline that said ‘Ambien and Whipped Cream.’ Honestly though, that was my favorite part of the entire experience. I was a little disappointed not to see it on the show. We were so just malnourished and everybody was so hungry and craving food so much that as soon as we got into the house we hit the refrigerator and it was a fucking party. We were grilling out. It was a war zone in the kitchen; we tore the place apart and ate all kinds of crazy food. Juliana gave me Oreos with peanut butter on them. They were making pasta; grilling steaks…everybody was on a mission to smash a ridiculous amount of food. Later that night, everybody was passed out and I was still hungry so I made the most ridiculous food. I got 8 blueberry waffles, piled vanilla ice cream on top of the waffles and then the frozen strawberries in syrup…I put a package of those, a package of berries and a package of peaches  and then I mounded a ridiculous amount of syrup on it. I kind of lost it.

You didn’t get sick from this?

No, I didn’t get sick but I felt like my belly was going to explode. I could feel my belly bulging out I mean it felt like I was going to pop. I was still craving food.

How would you sum up your TUF house experience?

I was sad leaving there. I loved the whole thing. I felt like I was leaving my family or something. Everybody was really cool and I loved everyone.


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