Jose Aldo on Chad Mendes: he’s not a challenger; “hasn’t fought any good guys”

Posted: September 16, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, Latest news
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aldoJose Aldo is becoming a smaller version of Anderson Silva. By that I mean not only in his superiority of his division, but also that he is starting to play a role in who the next challengers for his belt should be. According to Aldo, Ricardo Lamas is the next guy.

“I believe Ricardo Lamas is the next in line,” Aldo said. “He already earned his chance. If it’s not him, I believe Cub Swanson should be the next option.” Aldo went on to say that Lamas—who is recovering from an injury—should sit back and wait for the title shot, without fighting another contender. But he added, “if they decide to do a rematch between Lamas and Swanson to see who fights me, that’s ok too.”

But wait. What about the guy who many people think is the toughest challenge for Aldo…Chad Mendes? Since losing to Aldo in January of 2012, Mendes has decimated four straight opponents by KO, most recently Clay Guida.

Aldo isn’t impressed. “Chad Mendes is still starting, haven’t fought anyone ranked yet, only fought guys that are not that good,” he said. “He’s coming off good wins, but he hasn’t beaten good guys. So I believe the next two should be Ricardo Lamas and Cub Swanson.”

Interesting take on the featherweight title situation from the champ himself. The only monkey wrench will be if Aldo’s next challenger will be within his division, or another challenge from lightweight. We’ve seen that a few times now haven’t we?


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