PLEASE NOOOOO!!! Jon Jones just said he wants to box a Klitschko brother

Posted: September 18, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion

jon-jones-22You know the horror movies when you can see something terrible about to happen and you just want to yell, “NOOOOOOOO!”? That’s exactly what I want to do here. Unfortunately, everything is in slow motion and just can’t seem to yell loud enough.

Apparently UFC champ Jon Jones said he thinks he should fight one of the Klitschko brothers—not in an MMA fight, but in a boxing match. Listen, there are a number of reasons Jones could have said this. A) He could be smoking crack. B) He could be joking. C) He could just think really really highly of himself. The bad news is I think the answer is “C.”

“The thought of boxing has become way more real to me,” Jones said during an interview with Fox 11’s James Koh.

“One of the Klitschko brothers,” Jones said regarding a possible opponent. “It’s been something I’ve really, really been thinking about and maybe we can entertain that in the future.”

Haven’t we discussed this to death already? A top athlete in one combat sport can’t necessarily enter the top end of a completely different sport. In fact, I think Jones would have just as much chance saying he could defeat Michael Phelps in swimming, or Rafael Nadal in a tennis match.

Those Klitschko’s are bad asses Jon! Why would you pretend to be proficient enough in that sport to challenge the top guys in the heavyweight division? Next thing you know, a guy like Tyson Fury will call out the UFC heavyweight champ in a mixed martial arts fight. Oh wait.

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