Beard Power! Daniel Cormier wants Nelson to shave

Posted: September 19, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion

Roy-NelsonOK this is kinda funny. Heavyweight contender Daniel Cormier has a big problem with Roy Nelson’s beard and says it give “Big Country” and unfair advantage. In fact, Cormier plans to file a complaint with the commission to make Nelson shave that thing off.

“The thing about [Nelson’s] beard is it doesn’t seem to be well-kept, so I’m going to request that there’s a rubber band in it and that it comes straight down. Also, I’m going to ask that they put his hair in two plaits off to the side. Part it down the middle, plait it on the sides. I don’t want it all in my face.”

I’m not sure how far Cormier will get with this request since Jorge Masvidal tried the same thing when he fought Michael Chiesa recently. Masvidal feared catching some kind of beardly herpes or something. It seems DC just thinks is gross.

Nelson appeared on UFC Tonight to throw a shot of his own back at Cormier. He said if a beard can provide some type of advantage, maybe Cormier “should have had a beard when he failed in the Olympics in 2008 and 2004.”

Ouch. Advantage Nelson.


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