Brendan Schaub doesn’t care about critics; here’s a bit of advice — maybe you should!

Posted: September 20, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion

schaubKO1Brendan Schaub says he doesn’t mind the criticism about the way he fights. Instead he says he’s just concerned with getting a world title. I gotta be honest, I think he should be MORE concerned with critics than he is with Cain Velasquez.

Remember when Schaub laid on heavy hitter Lavar Johnson for 3 rounds in a “fight” that more closely resembled a college sorority on a Tuesday night (wait…you mean sorority girls don’t roll around in their underwear and have tickle fights every night? Well then I’m sorry cuz that reference doesn’t make sense then). But take my word for it; that fight sucked.

How ‘bout this? Remember when Schaub tested his high-level jiu jitsu by competing with Roberto Abreu in a submission grappling event? The time “The Hybrid” spent actually trying to engage with Abreu was far less than the time it took me to realize Criss Angel was a douche.

My point is this. Schaub says he wants to get into title contention and he doesn’t care how he gets there. He should. First of all because he’s a long way from contention. A win over Matt Mitrione won’t get him anywhere near a title shot. But a horrible, methodical, boring loss will put Schaub in the unemployment line begging Bjorn Rebney to give him a chance.

A guy in Schaub’s position—outside the top 10—should ONLY be worried about pleasing the fans. We know exactly what Dana white does with guys who just try to win without consideration for the action—Jon Fitch anyone? Dude won like 50 fights in a row, but since White thought he was boring as hell, he cut him after a bad loss to Demian Maia.

We also know how Dana feels about exciting fighters. He loves them. Dan Hardy lost 4 in a row and still wasn’t cut. Stephan Bonnar lost 5 of 7. It look Leonard Garcia losing 6 of 7 fights before they finally let him go.

I have a recommendation to Schaub. A shitty win won’t get you anything. A shitty loss will get you cut. Why not bring the fans to your side and at least TRY to mix it up? Rule #6: Do not draw attention in a negative way. Draw attention to yourself, but on your own terms.

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