Cody Bollinger week 3: Cowboy Boot Headkick? Plus ALL the details about Team Tate’s stolen matchups

Posted: September 20, 2013 in Interviews, The Ultimate Fighter
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bollingerI gotta say; after just a few episodes TUF 18 is looking as entertaining as any Ultimate Fighter in recent memory. And we’re lucky to have one of the favorites–Cody Bollinger–every week for a little chat. This time Cody talks about the controversy with Jessamyn somehow knowing all the fights Team Tate had planned, as well as the skirmish at Red Rocks between the two coaching staffs. Are you wondering if the grudge between Miesha and Ronda is being hyped up because the cameras are on? Cody sets the record straight.

Ok Cody, there were a couple big stories from this week’s episode that you probably have some great insight on. The first was the situation about how Jessamyn knew all the fights your team wanted to pick. Can you give us the scoop on that story?  

Yeah man it’s simple. It was an open gym day and Jessamyn came up to me and Sarah Moras and told us, ‘ok here’s the fights you guys are picking and here’s the order.’ Obviously it’s not impossible—there’s only so many matchups you can pick—but man, it was dead on! And it was in order. So we figured somebody told her. The whole team agreed that we thought it was Julianna. You know “editing problems” (laughs) kinda made me look like I was the only one calling her out but I know for a fact, everyone called her out. I just happened to be the scapegoat for this episode, you know.

I’ll be honest; I didn’t think you came across too poorly because when you guys were in the van, she actually looked guilty.

(laughs) I agree one hundred percent man. That’s why I was so dead-set on the fact that it was her. And everyone else on the team felt the same way. They showed me sitting down and telling my coaches before I confronted her, and Miesha Tate—her best friend—told me “that sounds like something Julianna would do.” I mean, I don’t know her (Julianna). But when Miesha Tate—her best friend—tells me, then it’s like no shit, it’s her, right? When Miesha Tate told me it sounds like something Julianna would do, I’m like, ok then…we know who it is.

So will we ever know if Julianna let the cat out of the bag?

I don’t know man. I still apologized. I told her if it wasn’t true, I’m sorry. But you gotta understand, you guys have seen 126 minutes. That’s two hours and six minutes of footage over a three week time period. And they’ve already shown two parts where Julianna is getting on everyone nerves. So it had been going on for 3 weeks. At that point I’m just like even if it’s not her, I gotta call her out anyway. Everybody in the house is talking and can’t stand her. So if it wasn’t her; I was calling her out on everything else that had happened previously—and it happened everyday living with her.

So Julianna was undoubtedly “the annoying one” of the house?

Yeah man. People would tell me they felt the same way. I didn’t go around asking “what do you think of Julianna?” You know, people knew I didn’t like her and at one point during the show, everyone in that house ended up talking about not getting along with her; and wondering why she’s acting the way the is. Everybody had something negative to say about her at some point.

The other major story about the episode was the trip to Red Rocks. Ronda and Miesha got into it pretty good. Was that whole thing just nuts?

Yeah! The one thing I’ve been telling everybody is, everything you’ve seen on the show so far is 100% real. It happened exactly the way they showed it. Ronda walked up to get a glass of wine; Miesha said something about Ronda being too close to Caraway and it just exploded from there. Both of them talking shit back and forth. You know I understand their hatred for each other. They both have decent reasons why they don’t get along.

You really thought someone might take a swing?

I was just standing there with my cowboy boots on ready to headkick somebody if I had to. I was torn in the middle though. I like Ronda and I like Miesha. I didn’t really know which team’s coaches to attack or who to pull off who, you know? But I was ready man…just waiting to spring on somebody!

So there’s absolutely no question in your mind that this is real.  These two hate each other.

Oh yeah! It’s hard to explain. Ronda’s coaches are very very passionate. They may not come across the best on TV, but having worked with them before the show and on the show, they are VERY passionate about what they do and about the people they coach. They didn’t know these people coming onto the show and they took them under their wing like they were their freaking children. So that’s a reason why one little thing—whether it was on purpose or not—exploded like that. That’s gonna happen. You put two people together who obviously don’t like each other, they’ve had words, one of them’s gotten beaten up by the other. Stuff’s gonna happen. This is the biggest rivalry of coaches—I think. We’ve seen other rivalries like Tito and Shamrock and others, but I really think THIS is the biggest rivalry. Guys kinda tend to say “ok we fought, I’m over it.” These two STILL hate each other a year later! It’s real man.

Now onto the fight. Holdsworth beat Beal. The way the built it up was a grappler vs. striker fight. But I gotta say, I thought Holdsworth’s striking was very good. What did you think?

I agree 158%. From my experience, I was never really comfortable on my feet in a fight until recently. I had maybe two fights (before the elimination fight on TUF) where I actually felt real comfortable on my feet. I kept swearing to people, “watch, I’ll get there. I look good on my feet (in training).” He’s the same situation. I don’t think he was ever truly comfortable on his feet until that fight. And you saw what he can do. His striking is good.

So with Beal losing and with Shayna losing; that means Ronda has lost both her #1 picks. IS she just crazed out of her mind right now?

Yeah man, she’s real upset right now. Like I said they’re real passionate. She hates to lose. I think she stepped up practices a little bit, but I don’t think it went so far that it wasn’t motivating to her team. You guys will see that.

So lastly, you said no one really gets along with Julianna. But it appears Holdsworth is striking up a friendship with her. I thought it was hilarious when he actually read the letter to you guys.

Yeah that was funny. You know he got annoyed with her too, but he handled it. You know, he’s single, hasn’t gotten any in a while. He was making the best of his situation. As far as the note, it was just a couple guys hanging out. It’s not like he did it in front of the whole house. Just some guy talk that they happened to be filming at the time. I don’t think he meant anything bad by it and I can’t say whether anything come of it but it’s pretty interesting.

One more thing. When Dana stops by, is he cool to be around?

Yeah, he’s one of the busiest guys in the world. Every time he was there he came up to each and every one of us and shook our hands and treated us like HE was grateful that we were there instead of the other way around. He treated us like real people; he was really kind, same with the Fertittas. They all treated us like royalty.

Thanks again Cody. Talk to you next week.

Right on man. Kick ass.

  1. good stuff bro, as usual…

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