Nate Diaz says Maynard fight is off … cuz he’s going to a class reunion???

Posted: September 24, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion
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Nate-Diaz-UFC-118We can always count on a good story from the Diaz brothers. This latest story will no doubt result in outrage from the anti-Diaz clan out there. For me, I just can’t help but laugh about this.

Remember when the UFC announced that they wanted to pit Nate Diaz against rival Gray Maynard for a 3rd (or second, depending how you look at it) time? Diaz dismissed it via twitter by stating…

Nah Fuck that I’m fightin Pettis

Undeterred, the UFC apparently didn’t take that comment seriously. So for good measure, Diaz tweeted again. This time with a different excuse as to why he wouldn’t be fighting Maynard…

Cant make it november 30th ive gotta high school reuinion i have to tend too…

Ok, so this is freaking funny right? First he said he wasn’t fighting Maynard because he’d rather fight the world champion. Next, he’s not fighting Maynard because he has a high school class reunion. Leave it to the Diaz boys to keep things lively.

  1. […] Diaz said he wasn’t able to make his scheduled fight with Gray Maynard because he was going to his class reunion? I guess I thought he was joking. I should have known better—the Diaz brothers aren’t known for […]

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