UFC 165 Biggest Losers: The “Why are you wearing a Winter Coat?” edition

Posted: September 24, 2013 in Biggest Winners/Biggest Losers, Commentary/Opinion, UFC Events

Tito OrtizUFC 165’s main event might go down as the best fight of the year. BUT…that doesn’t mean we get to skip the Biggest Losers column. We love it far too much. Actually, you might be surprised to know that on our list this time are only 2 guys who actually fought Saturday. Rounding out the list is a contender sitting in the front row; a fighter sitting on his couch; and a curious looking translator/interpreter who must have thought he was traveling to the Arctic Circle. Enjoy.

Matt Mitrione. It’s tough to say for sure whether Meathead will be served his walking papers after this fight—mainly because finding athletic heavyweights who aren’t fat asses isn’t an easy job. But dropping his 3rd fight in four attempts isn’t a good sign of things to come. I would have thought he would have knocked out Schaub—because, you know, everyone else has—but The Hybrid’s “world class” BJJ proved to be too much.

Glover Teixeira. Glover didn’t fight at UFC 165 but he had to be worried at least a little about his promised title shot with the winner of the main event. He already had to wonder why Dana made an off-handed comment about Daniel Cormier “probably” getting a title shot at 205 just a few days before. And then, the Jones/Gustafsson fight was so freaking good, he’s got to be wondering about getting bumped for a re-match. Honestly, this situation is probably nothing but bad for Tex. His UFC record is definitely not comparable to most title challengers and that fact is likely going to stick out like a sore thumb when DW & Co. try to sort out what to do next.

Costa Philippou. This dude got manhandled by a major underdog and he just wasn’t able to mount any kind of attack at all. The Cyprus Slugger just tumbled out of the middleweight picture and at almost 34, he’ll probably never return.

Tito Ortiz. The guy’s a legend. But his star is also fading. He’s won a whopping ONE fight in his last NINE; his “huge” PPV fight with Rampage Jackson is already being dismissed as a failure months before its set to take place; and now even his name in the record books is being supplanted. Tito had to be watching that fight thinking, “holy shit, Gus might do this,” leaving him tied with Jones for most title defenses in LHW history. Well, the scorecards were read and Ortiz was left crying in his dinner—which was probably pizza rolls or Hot Pockets.

Interpreter. Did anyone get a look at this guy? The interpreter used for several of the Brazilian fighters was in the cage, wearing what appeared to be a winter coat. Is it winter in Toronto? Is it winter INSIDE? What’s worse than that? Well, apparently he sucked too. Right about the time I was questioning this dude’s attire, I read a tweet by ed Soares, who knows a few things about interpreting. He tweeted, “Renan Barao’s translator is horrible. He’s not saying anything that he’s saying.” Another tweet (from a rando fan) said simply, “BARAO INTERPRETER IS WILD COKED OUT.” Enough said.


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