McGregor says Featherweight division “Too Easy;” Says he’d “Light Up” 155 division too

Posted: September 26, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion

McGregorConor McGregor is a fast-rising prospect in the UFC. Notice I called him a “prospect” and not a “superstar” like I’ve heard recently. Look, I have nothing against McGregor’s skills; not do I dispute that he’ll be a contender soon. I just think this whole McGregor love-fest is way too premature. Leading the bandwagon for that love-fest is none other than Conor McGregor. This dude loves himself. And he seems like kind of a douche too.

First he called out and slammed nearly every featherweight in the UFC’s top 10. And now the bow-tied Irishman—who’s all of 2-0 in the octagon by the way, not 20-0—is doing the same thing to the lightweight division. It’s too good to make up, so take a look what McGregor said.

I feel too fast for these guys at 155. At 145, it’s just too damn easy. I might have 155 on my return and then a meaningful fight at 145 in Dublin. I know I’m going to make it look easy. No one has the mind I have. No one has the intelligence I have to this game. It’s going to be like I never left. And not only is it going to be like I never left, I’m going to improve.

It’s a long way away to be calling people out, but I’d love a 155 fight. A 155 fight I thought was in slow motion on Saturday night if I’m being honest. I believe I’ll be too fast for these guys, any of these guys. I fought at 155. I’ve held belts at 155. I’ve knocked people out at 155. There’s a different dynamic, there’s pros and cons to it. A lot of the 155’ers are sluggish. I honestly feel I could go in there and light 90 percent of that division up.”

So not only is the 145 pound division “too easy” for him, but 90 percent of the “sluggish” lightweights would get owned by him too. Well, at least according to him. So what’s the story on this guy? Are you turned off by his brash attitude? Or are you in McGregor’s corner, like so many seem to be these days? Let’s hear it.

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