Tim Kennedy wants a Fight; resorts to killing Unicorns, calling out everyone on earth

Posted: September 30, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion
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Tim Kennedy vs Trevor PrangleyMiddleweight Tim Kennedy is feeling a little rejected today. It’s not even his fault. He was scheduled to fight Lyoto Machida in “The Dragon’s” debut at 185. Here’s the problem…Michael Bisping got injured and pulled from his fight with Mark Munoz. Machida will now be replacing Bisping, leaving Kennedy without an opponent.

Feeling scorned, he set out on Twitter to find himself a new opponent. I’ll give him an A for effort; but a D+ for trash talking ability (bad hair? Poor driving ability?). Although he call ed out some rather interesting names (Overeem?) some of these jabs are just not that edgy. Take a look what I’m talking about. Here are some of the guys Kennedy has called out so far.

Ed Herman: I have an offer for Ed Herman (as a ginger). If you fight me on Nov 6 ufc Fight For The Troops. I will ensure you get a soul.

UFC: Dear ufc It has been 24hrs since I learned my opponent was stolen. I will begin executing 1 unicorn a day till a replacement is found.

UFC: Dear ufc I’m saddened by my own acts but this unicorns blood is on your hands as well as mine. You have 24 more hours till the next 1 dies

Hector Lombard: Watching The Hobbit & giggling at the similarities to Hector Lombard & some of the characters (but buff) in the movie. Fight me Nov 6?

Alistair Overeem: Hey Alistair overeem You vs me (catch weight) Nov 6th at ufc Fight For The Troops 3. Winner gets a lifetime supply of horse meat.

Shogun Rua: I think Shogun Rua dresses like a Brooklyn pimp (not the classy kind). I should give him a lesson in style and fighting. ufc FFTT 3 Nov 6th

Rich Franklin: Hey Rich Franklin aka “American Fighter” I want your nickname. It’s cool & clever. I’ll fight you for it! Tim (aka future American Fighter)

Thales Leites: I wanted to point out to Mr. Thales leites that my last 3 opponents were from Brazil & they “fell through”perhaps you would actually show up

Shogun Rua: Mr Shogun Rua Australia is a long flight how bout you/me in kentucky & we go at 195lbs. You don’t need training camp since you don’t train

Costa Philippou: Hey Philippou185UFC want to get back in there asap? I promise not to wrestle if you promise not to punch me?!?!

Nick Diaz: News flash!!! Nick diaz I stole your pot, and bicycle. If you want them back you have to come out of retirement and fight me ufc Nov 6th

Wanderlei Silva: You need to know Mr. wandfc that one of my secret agents poised your food yesterday. You have to fight me if you want the antidote

Wanderlei Silva: Don’t fight Chael Sonnen. He has better wrestling than me, and a better chin. I am a way easier fight. You vs Me Nov 6th

Cung Le: I have serious doubts that Cung Le is a good driver.

Gegard Mousasi: Yo mousasi I’m not exactly sure where Leiden is, but I want to put you in a “Dutch oven”. (See what I did there). Let’s fight over it.

Cung Le: Hey Cung Le You vs me main-event at ufc Fight For The Troops 3. I would also like to point out that you are old.

Chris Camozzi: Hey Chris Camozzi I think you have bad hair, and should fight me in defense if your stylist. (My best attempt at picking a fight)

Any Middleweight: Dear ufc middleweights, I have lost another opponent. Would someone please step up & fight me at Fight For The Troops 3. Pretty please!


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